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Coupon Class!

Just wanted to let any local visitors to my blog know that I am teaching a coupon class at my church. Here’s the info below:

August 1st 10:00-12:00 OR August 29th 1:00-3:00
Middle Valley Baptist Church (Hixson, TN)
Bring a friend!
Come learn how you can cut your budget by 50-90% without eating ramen noodles for every meal! Save more, spend less!

Send an RSVP or Questions to

Jonah’s 2nd Sesame Street Birthday Party

Just wanted to show some highlights of Jonah’s 2nd birthday….I made the flag pennant for the table (it was super, super easy and took only a few minutes)
A close up of the cupcakes I made…Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird
Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, oreo mouth, piped icing for the rest. Super cute.
Elmo Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, gumdrop nose, piped icing for the rest. Also Super Cute!
Big Bird Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, gumdrop cut in half for mouth, piped icing for the rest. Cute, but not really what I had envisioned…should’ve piped more icing for the eyes to look more like Big Bird, but the kids knew who it was.
Cookie Monster Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, oreo mouth, mini chocolate chip cookies “in his mouth”, piped icing for the rest.
Cupcake tower
Elmo & his pet fish Dorothy Centerpiece
Gift Table
This party brought to you by the letter J and the number 2… Homemade Playdough (better than store-bought) to keep the kids busy while we wait for everyone to get there.

Blowing out the candles…

It was a great party! Jonah loved it! I had a lot of fun preparing everything…even though my hand is still numb from piping icing on all of the cupcakes. 48 to be exact. Yes, I am an overachiever, especially when it comes to making the most of things for those I love. I’ve already started making a list of ideas for next year’s theme….


It’s gotta be a fluke…

I’ll spare you the pictures…but we’re excited at the Happy Brown House! We’ve not “officially” been trying to potty-train because I didn’t think he was ready, but occasionally Jonah will sit on the potty for a few seconds and we’ve talked about it lots. Tonight before his bath, I suggested he sit on the potty. He sat for a minute, made a funny face, looked down in the bowl and said “Pee!Pee!” I looked in and sure enough he had gone potty! We made a BIG deal of it and he was proud. When Ray was getting him ready for bed Jonah said, “go potty” and believe it or not, he went again! So I guess we’ll be trying to potty train a little more around here. Got any wonderful words of advice for us?

In other news…we’ve been busy getting prepared for Jonah’s big birthday bash. I can’t believe he will be 2! One good thing about being a crafty, stay-at-home mom is that I’ve got much more time on my hands to work on my to do list. The flip side of that is that I’m well-known for being a bit of an overachiever…needless to say I’m thinking about the birthday bash in my sleep. I’ll give you a sneak peek soon…I…must….sleep…zzzzz…

Batting Practice…

Jonah has been hitting with a tee for a while, but look what he did today…

We were speechless the first time he did it….then he did it several times in a row…I decided I needed to get this on tape so we can remember it when he makes the “big time”. Anyone know a good agent?

Disney Vero Beach Resort Recap

We’ve been back for a week from our vacation to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, but I’ve been so busy with the laundry, unpacking, and getting Jonah back to our normal routine that I haven’t posted about it. We had a wonderful time! There were no mishaps (unlike the previous vacation) and we truly felt relaxed. We went with my dad, stepmom, and little brothers. Jonah had a great time with everyone, especially his Uncle “Coe”, his way of saying “Joe”.

Disney really knows how to make you feel at home in their vacation resorts. Everyone is so friendly and they obviously know how to make it a “magical” place with all the little details. I kept telling Ray that I felt like I was on a cruise, without the sea-sickness. We had a towel animal on our bed when we got there and they had a list of daily activities available to guests. They had everyone from dodgeball games to campfire sing-a-longs! It was fun! I loved all of the little touches of Mickey that I found around the resort. I also loved that it wasn’t overdone Mickey decor…it made it fun to hunt for it!

We ate breakfast with the characters one morning! I was excited, but a little nervous too–I didn’t really know how Jonah would react. He’s never seen a large character like that so I had no idea what would happen. It was a relief when he got very excited! He was hilarious to watch. He loved Donald Duck…and I think the person playing Donald was pretty taken with Jonah too. Donald hung out with us for a lot longer than others. Jonah was laughing and talking to Donald. He gave kisses and hugs and even yelled across the restaurant for Donald to come back! It was a hoot!

The pool and kiddie play area were fantastic! We spent most of our time there, especially since Jonah hates the sand so much. There was a pirate ship play area with fountains and a mini water slide. There was a big water slide for big kids and adults and Jonah got a kick out of watching mommy and daddy come down the slide.

Jonah playing on the luggage cart. Every time he saw one he climbed on and said “Ride!”

It was a wonderful vacation. We are so thankful we got to go. Thank you again, PawPaw & GaGa! We can’t wait until next year when we go see the mouse!

Christmas in July

Last night we went to Kmart to look in the toy clearance section because this week they are taking an additional 50% off the toy clearance price. Once we got there we were floored by the great deals we were getting and loaded up the cart! We got some things for Jonah’s birthday that is this month, some things for Christmas, and some things to have on hand for birthday presents that we know we will need. It felt weird to be loading up the cart the way we did, but we couldn’t resist the prices! We got a few things for 75 cents people! So go NOW, run to Kmart and see what you can find! Here’s a picture of the loot, and yes, I feel like a bank robber because these things were a STEAL!

What we would have paid if they were full price: $320.11
What we actually paid with 1/2 off clearance price: $104.00
These savings were great and we have presents for a long time!
P.S. I promise the next post will be about Jonah complete with pictures of the little buddy. Gotta keep the family members happy!