$20 Insect Lore Kit for $10!

This is my favorite Groupon deal EVER and I had to share!

You can get a Butterfly Garden kit (with caterpillars) from Groupon for $10!

If you already have the Butterfly Garden, there is an option to can choose other kits.

This deal is time-sensitive and expiring soon, so act fast!

{Almost} 35 Weeks Update

Ok, ok, so technically that would still make me 34 weeks, but I’m closer to the 35 week mark than 34….every little bit helps keep me going at this point!

I’m {almost} 35 weeks (like in 2 days). Like most women, I feel huge at this point…

34+ weeks

This one has me singing "I like big butts and I cannot lie"...totally inappropriate, but forever burned in my memory thanks to Sir Mix Alot and the middle school dance DJ.

but I’m not letting that stop me from having fun with my family…


Shhh...don't tell my midwife!

We’ve been trying to pack in the fun and spend some quality time together before little brother arrives. I’m trying to fill Jonah’s “love tank” before the baby comes and I have my hands full with a newborn. While Jonah is beyond excited about a baby, I don’t want him to feel left out in any way.

We’ve had an ultrasound to check on little brother’s size and position (since Jonah was breech) and everything looks good. He’s measuring around 5 lbs 4 oz (give or take) and is head-down (unlike Jonah). I’m assuming, that since he’s head-down, that is the cause of all the extra pressure I’m feeling. It wasn’t something I really experienced with Jonah since he was breech and always pushing his head under my ribs. While I know you can’t predict when labor will begin, I’m thinking I might not make it to “full term” based on when Jonah came (37 weeks)….or maybe that’s just wishful thinking due to all the pressure?

I have had some contractions on and off already (No, they weren’t after going down the slide!) There was one day where they were consistently coming and I slightly panicked thinking that I might be going into early labor. As excited and anxious as we are to hold little brother, we want him to stay put as long as he should to be healthy and strong. The contractions did encourage us to put the carseat in the van. The pack-n-play has been set up by the bed for a few weeks and the baby clothes have been washed and hanging in the closet for months. Other than that, I have a list of things to do to prepare. But really, if I don’t get to my list, it isn’t a big deal…the major things are ready, except for my hospital bag….hmmm, better work on that.

H is for Homerun

H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new preschool activities post up at Totally Tots today! We used H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet as our starting point for so many fun things! Jonah really got excited about this book and the learning activities we did along with it, since we took him to a local Minor League Baseball Game recently. Jonah has played the learning games over and over the past few days, so I know they were a hit!

Baseball Hat ABC Order
Baseball Counting Match

Baseball Hat Patterns

Visit Totally Tots to see all the details and get links to the downloads!


This boy…

Jonah (4)

is four…


someone hold me.

Tutorial: How to Applique Without an Embroidery Machine

Ok, so I know that I have an embroidery machine to make most of my cute appliques for my Etsy Shop. However, I know not everyone has a fancy embroidery machine to do all the hard work. Fear not, my friends, you too can add a cute applique to clothing, pillows, or anything else you can think of that needs some extra cuteness without an embroidery machine!

How to applique without an embroidery machine

How to Applique Without an Embroidery Machine:


  • Shirt (or item you are adding an applique to)
  • Fabric for applique
  • Heat’n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive (says “sewable” on the package)
  • Pattern for Applique (mine is an outline of Africa straight off the internet)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread


1.  Gather your materials (Forgive me, I switched shirt colors after I took this picture)

2. Iron the Heat-N-Bond Lite on the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure you are ironing the side with adhesive to the fabric…if not, you’ll have a mess on your iron! The smooth paper side should be the part you are ironing. (A word about Heat-N-Bond Lite: There are different kinds. You want to make sure you get the kind that is sewable. If you don’t, it will be really stiff and will get your needle all “gunked” up. Make sure it is the LITE version.) Read the directions if it’s the first time you’ve used Heat-N-Bond.


3.  Cut out your pattern (if you haven’t already).  Flip your pattern and trace your pattern BACKWARDS on the paper of the Heat-N-Bond. If you trace your pattern right side up, your pattern will be backwards when it is time to place it on your clothing. Trust me.

4.  Cut out your applique. Flip it over…see, told you it would look right in the end. :)

5.  Peel the paper backing off the fabric. There will be a “sheen” from the adhesive that transferred to the fabric. Find the proper placing for your applique.

6.  Using the proper heat settings (refer to the packaging), iron the applique in place.

**Oops! I missed this picture….imagine an iron :)

7. In order to make it easier to maneuver my shirt, I removed the bottom portion of my sewing machine. Now I can slide my shirt over the arm of the sewing machine.

8.  Topstich around the applique. Go slowly and stop as needed to turn your needle or adjust your shirt. I did a simple straight stitch, but you can get fancy if you’d like depending upon the stitches you have on your machine. Zig-zag is always fun, but might be hard to control the first time using this technique or if your applique is curvy…like my Africa shape.

9.  Voila!

Love For Africa Ribbon Ruffle Shirt

See, it is easy to applique without an embroidery machine!

Any questions? Ask it in the comments!

Stitches by Sara {Coupon Code Alert}







Show me more!!

Aww, come on…Is that all you’ve got?

Stitches By Sara Collage

This is just to let you know that my Etsy Shop (Stitches By Sara) is open again!

I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes trying to get everything ready to go and it’s time to sell. I’ve still got a few more things that I’m hoping to load in the next few days, but for the most part, the shop is stocked and waiting for customers!

ALL proceeds from the shop go towards our adoption. Thank you in advance for your part in bringing our little one home!

Since I love my blog readers and the support you’ve been giving us, how about a coupon code? Use the code “HBHblog15” to receive 15% off during checkout! (Coupon code expires: 7-20-11 at 11:oo PM so act fast!)

Thanks for subscribing!

Sunday Morning

Singing this today and reminding myself that God is in charge. While I’m anxious about adoption paperwork and trusting on God to provide the funds for His calling, I shouldn’t be. I’m trying to rest in His peace today and trust Him to guard my heart and mind….battlefields for my focus.

By the way, have you heard of Seeds Family Worship? I love the way they’ve put scripture to music to help families worship and memorize scripture together! We’re not talking boring or annoying kids music either, but something that adults enjoy, too. When you order one of their CD’s, you actually get 2 CD’s…one for you and one to share with someone that needs Jesus! Plus, you can listen to some of the music online for free!