Budget Freedom

Recently someone heard we were going to Disney World and immediately said, “But I thought you guys were on a budget?”

I’ll admit, the word “budget” is usually used in the negative context.
For example:

“Sorry we can’t go out to eat with you this weekend, we’re on a budget”
( a common thing we used to say!)

Most of the time people think of a budget in terms of things they can’t do or can’t buy, but I see things differently.  To our family, the budget is a tool; a way to equip us with the freedom to do or buy things we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. If we want to go on a vacation, we add a line in the budget and save up for it. By having a plan for the money flow in our house, we see where there is extra leftover. And yes, with a budget there is usually some leftover. It may only be $5, but we don’t complain. $5 is golden around here with my crazy couponing ways!

Once the end of the month has arrived, we reconcile the budget and put all of the leftover money toward our debt snowball or something else important (like the new tires we had to buy last month. Boo!) Now, we can’t always buy what we want immediately, but with a little planning and even more patience, we’re having great results!


  1. Man nothing more fun than spending money on tires.! *sigh* I agree, "budget" gets a bad rap. Way to use a good tool. Is that snowball a la Dave Ramsey? Love the new-to-me look!

  2. Yes, the Dave Ramsey Snowball, although, I've read about it in other places as well. We are using Crown Financial's online budgeting tools.

  3. S Club Mama says:

    That is exactly what a budget should be! Unless you're going to buy junk food and then you should just tell yourself, I can't we're on a budget LOL

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