Kissing a boo-boo can get you in trouble….

Well, I’ve debated on sharing this story for fear the the people at the Department of Children’s Services might catch wind of it and track me down for questioning. But it is just SO FUNNY! Kids say the funniest things. The beauty of being a parent is being able to tell the funny stories to the kids they date as teenagers and embarass them….as payback for the embarassment you’ve endured through the years….tantrums in stores, restaurants, etc….can you tell we’re having a tantrum-filled day here? This story is definintely one for the books. By writing it down, I’m hoping I can remember it one day to embarass Jonah when he brings a girl home to meet me…you know, when he’s 30 or so.

As I was getting Jonah ready for bed he complained that his diaper hurt. I thought maybe I had gotten it too tight, so I loosened it. He still complained, only this time, he was very adamant that something was in pain. I inspected his diaper area. He said his pee-pee hurt. It looked a little red.

me: “I’m sorry you pee-pee hurts. You have a boo-boo.” (I walked right into it…)
Jonah: “Mommy kiss it.” (oh yes, he did.)
Ray was laughing hysterically, I was trying to keep my composure and explain “No, mommy can’t kiss it.”
Jonah repeats: “Mommy kiss it. Kiss my boo-boo.”
me: laughing hysterically, with tears streaming down my face
Jonah (very adamantly): “My pee-pee hurts. Kiss it Mommy.”
By this point, I knew he wasn’t going to drop the subject until something was done. But I was NOT going there and really, how do you explain to a 2 year old that this request isn’t a good idea. Think fast…Think fast…think fast….
My solution: I blew a kiss. Problem solved.

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