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Homemade Applesauce

On our way back from the Pumpkin Patch, we stopped at the Apple Barn. We had no idea this local treasure was so close to us! It smelled heavenly inside! They had a little cafe where you could get special apple treats made from their fresh-picked apples. I have been wanting to learn how to […]

Pumpkin Patch

We took a trip up the road to Dayton, TN to Brushcreek Farms to explore the pumpkin patch. When we got there it was sprinkling and a little gloomy, but that’s what the month of October looked like for us…there really wasn’t a good Saturday to go and we kept putting it off week after […]

Jonah Says…

“What are you doing, Momma?” Yes, I’ve heard this question way too many times this week. It’s Jonah’s favorite thing to say at the moment. I only wish he would wait more than 3 seconds to ask it again…or maybe if he would start to ask Ray the question of the week and give me […]

I won a $50 YCMT Halloween Bundle!

I just checked my email and found out that I won a $50 YCMT Halloween Bundle giveaway that I entered on Courtney’s blog. Yippee!!! I totally didn’t expect to win when I entered, because I’m just not that lucky, but I actually won! So…guess I have no excuse not to be creative now! Here’s what I […]

Welcome new readers!

I’ve had a lot of new visitors recently and just wanted to say, “Welcome to the Happy Brown House!” Some of you probably found me from One Pretty Thing, Pretty Oganized Palace, Chatting at the Sky, or A Soft Place to Land. Others probably found me from MamaBuzz or Etsy. However you found me, I’m so glad […]

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Some friends and I threw a surprise baby shower a month ago, but I totally forgot to show you the details since I couldn’t post beforehand…it might have spoiled the surprise! So here’s a peek at our hardwork… Since Melody wasn’t finding out if it was a girl or boy we had to go with […]

Tutorial: Marshmallow Pops

Gather your ingredients: Marshmallows Candy Melts/Dipping Chocolate Lollipop Sticks (found in the cake decorating & candy making section in your local craft store or Walmart) Your favorite sprinkles or sugar sprinkles Don’t forget to grab your little “helper”… Melt the candy melts/chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. Stir and reheat for […]

Jonah Says…

On the way to Parent’s Day Out… Jonah: “Trevor a bad boy.” Mommy: “What makes Trevor a bad boy?” Jonah: “He’s loud.” Mommy: “Is Jonah a bad boy?” Jonah: “No, Jonah a good boy and Andrew a good boy. Trevor a bad boy. He’s loud.”    

Stitches by Sara: Coffee Cozies

Meet the Coffee Cozy… Want to save the planet in style? Jazz up your java! This coffee cozy is lined to protect your hands from the warm cup. Designer fabric has been chosen to give your coffee a one-of-a-kind look so no one will pick up your coffee by mistake! An elastic band and button […]

The Perfect Accessory…

Jonah got some new boots…he thinks they are the perfect accessory for jeans, pajamas, or a size 4 diaper and a Diego bandaid. You can never go wrong with the perfect pair of boots!