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Mommy & Me: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Snow is a precious commodity around our region. We get snow, just not very often. Nor does it stay around very long once it finally snows. So, we often have to make our own. Enter…Coffee Filter Snowflakes. Jonah still needs LOTS of practice with scissors. LOTS. He keeps wanting to rotate his hand like a […]

6 Reasons Why I Want to Go to the 2:1 Conference

This post is completely selfish and might not mean anything to my readers. However, the motivation of winning a free ticket to The 2:1 Conference is enough to make me tap on my keyboard. After all, I am a frugal girl. 😉 Indulge me, dear readers, while I enter the giveaway over at Weird, Unsocialized […]

A Reader is Born

We’ve been practicing three letter words (also known as word families) around our house for quite some time now. Honestly, Jonah just kinda started sounding them out one day…by himself. Ok, ok, so I’ve set him up for success with all of the fun things I do with him and I’ve been really strategic about […]

How God Used Others to Provide for Us {Adoption Update}

{Warning: This post will be long…there’s SO much to tell! Regardless of the length, I hope you read it and praise the Lord with us!} First of all, it’s still kinda foreign feeling to me that I have a 4 month old baby and we’re in the adoption process. His ways with us have really […]

Yeah, that…

You know that feeling when you can’t get a baby to stop crying, no matter what you try… Yeah, that. Try feeling it for several months straight. It kinda stinks…in the worst way. It wreaks havoc on your mommy self-esteem. Rips it to shreds and then stomps on it repeatedly. Then, as if that wasn’t […]