Ross King Cartoon Video

Ross King contacted me to tell me about the new cartoon video for one of his songs from the CD I recently reviewed. I thought you might like to check it out with your favorite lil’ munchkins! Enjoy!


Look what came in my mailbox today… and the other side… YAY!!! So, remember my Blessed Pillow Barter? Wasn’t this a great trade?!?!  I seriously feel like I got the better end of the deal. I will admit, I got a little teary-eyed when I opened my package. They are absolutely gorgeous! I want a […]

Words that Rhyme with Orange (MamaBuzz Review)

Fine Print: This is a MamaBuzz Review. I received this product free of charge from Ross King in exchange for an honest review of my opinion.

Mama Buzz Review: Potluck Survival Guide by Cherie Kimmons

“Ugh, Potluck Night…” is the response I would always hear from my friend Amanda at Small Group Bible Study. I never really understood what the problem was until she explained, “I never know what to bring for Potluck Night. I feel like it’s always the same thing.” Have you ever felt this way? Once I thought about it, […]

MamaBuzz Review: Finger Puppet Set from Five Star Publications

I love puppets. When I was teaching kindergarten, I used puppets all the time in my classroom to encourage language skills, story structure, sequencing, characters, and songs/fingerplays. Puppets go well with books, giving children an added layer of connection to the story, especially if they can manipulate the puppet…not to mention fostering creativity! Parents and […]

MamaBuzz Review & Giveaway: Jantsen’s Gift

How do you move on from devastating tragedy like the loss of a child? It’s a scary thing to think about, but I’ve had to ask myself that question while I read my latest book for MamaBuzz. I was recently sent two copies of Jantsen’s Gift: A True Story of Grief, Rescue, and Grace. (One […]

MamaBuzz Review: Girl Talk by Gigi Garner

Title: Girl Talk by Gigi GarnerPrice: $15.95Five Star Publications Where’s the first place a woman turns for heartfelt inspiration and guidance on her career, beauty tips, health, emothional support and any other concerns? Another woman, of course! And, there’s a reason for that… Women are compassionate listeners, knowing intuitively when to dispense advice, when to […]

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Although I’m a former teacher with lots of opinions on when & how the best way to teach certain things to children, I’ve often wondered what was the best way to teach Jonah about the Lord and the Christian faith. I’ve often prayed, long before Ray and I were married, that God would guide me […]