Delight-directed Homeschoool Learning in December With CurrClick

December is a hard month for homeschooling in our house. The days leading up to Christmas seem so busy to me and all I really want is to just slow down, bake cookies, and stare at the twinkle lights on my Christmas tree. Not to mention, we’re all starting to feel a little homeschool burnout by now. That’s why I have started Delight-directed Homeschool Learning in December–to get us through the slump, take a curriculum “break” without really taking a break, and add a little fun to our days. Oh, we’re still doing the basics like math, writing, and reading, but we’re taking a break from the more intense unit studies for a little while to catch our breath and enjoy the holiday season.

One easy way I incorporate delight-directed learning for multiple kids is by turning to CurrClick has thousands of resources with the click of a button. You can purchase their products for relatively cheap, and most importantly, you can download and print them instantly. CurrClick makes delight-directed learning a cinch.


Delight-directed Homeschool Learning in December

To start with, I sat down and searched the CurrClick website for things I thought the kids would enjoy. With thousands of resources, it can get a little overwhelming to scroll through lapbooks and unit studies with kids looking over my shoulder. Keeping the kids’ interests in mind, I searched for things that would still meet some of the current learning needs for each child. Then, I let the kids pick what they would like to do out of those things. So, in a way, I guided their choices a little. I’m sneaky like that.

So what did my kids pick?

Jonah (7 yrs old) picked the Winter Brick Activities and More (he’s a a bit Lego obsessed)
Winter Brick Activities and More Lily (5 yrs old) picked the Frozen Lapbook , Frozen Copywork, and the Frozen Activity Book (she’s a bit Frozen obsessed)

Frozen Lapbook

Frozen Copywork

frozen activity book

The most important thing? It worked! The kids are enjoying themselves, I get a break from the teacher intensive curriculum, and we can still enjoy all of our favorite holiday traditions during the month of December.

12 Days Of Christmas Homeschool Freebies and Resources

12 Days of Christmas Homeschool Freebies & Resources from

Here’s little more incentive to help you get to know! Along with some of my blogging friends, I am partnering with CurrClick to offer the 12 Days of Christmas Homeschool Freebies and Resources.

From December 12 – December 14, 2014 you can download a Holiday Music Unit Study for FREE with code CC12days12.

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  1. That’s pretty much what we do in December. Slow down, hit the basics, and add in fun! CurrClick is great for that. I love that I can instantly download the resources we need because sometimes that changes from day to day around here 🙂

  2. I’m interested in materials to download.

  3. I would spend it on materials to download.

  4. Melissa Bragg Sack says:

    I would buy a live class! We love those

  5. Thanks for this! I have been using CurrClick for several years and just love them for all the downloads. We have taken a couple elective courses from them, and they are great. We slow down during December as well, but hadn’t thought about adding in fun activities like those before. We just don’t seem to have the time with all our other studies. December is just the perfect time for it. I think my kids would totally go for it, and with CurrClick, I don’t have to do much planning. I think that will be our plan for next year. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Jessica Medina says:

    There are lots of things I would love to download from Currclick!!


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