Feeding the Ducks

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One of our favorite local Soddy Daisy restuarants is Steve’s Landing. They have the best queso dip and onion rings! Steve’s sits right on the lake and has outdoor seating for you if you want to dock your boat and walk up in your bathing suit. During the summer it is a pretty busy place! While waiting on some friends to meet us for dinner tonight, we took the opportunity to feed the ducks and look for fish in the water. Jonah had fun throwing bread to the ducks and watching them fight over it. He was also excited to see turtles “sunbathing” on a log. It only took a few extra minutes of time for us to make a memory…and it was free!

Sharing is caring!


  1. Cute!! Sounds like a neat restaurant. We went to the zoo on Friday and the ducks the baby's favorite!

  2. We love feeding ducks! Great memories!

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