Funny Font Book

Welcome to the download page for The Funny Font Book! I hope you and your child enjoy exploring the world of letters and fonts.

Funny Font Book

Click to download: The Funny Font Book

(Update: If you downloaded the book and found an error on the “C” page, it has been fixed. So sorry!)

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Materials Needed To Complete The Book:

Note: This printable is provided to you free of charge. While I am providing this material to you free of charge, there are a few things that I would ask from you in regards to the resources found here.

You are more than welcome to:

  • Save the files on your computer and print off copies for yourself (or classroom) whenever you would like.
  • Link directly to my site (or blog) to share my files with others. Please do not link directly to the PDF file.

I would ask that you DO NOT:

  • Host any of my files on your own or other sites.
  • Alter or sell any of my file. The intention behind the files is to provide them free of charge to others.
  • Sell files to make a profit ~ i.e. print them off, laminate them and sell them to others.
  • Transmit or store any resources on any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

Thank you in advance for respecting my policies!


  1. That One Girl says:

    This is a super fun idea! I just wanted to let you know that on the “C” page, you have some B’s.

  2. I love this idea! I’m scaling down the size and printing it out on photo paper for my preschooler. Thanks!

    • Great idea Karla! Also, I just updated the download. There was an error on the “C” page. Double-check to make sure you got the corrected version.

  3. This is seriously ADORABLE!! Thanks so much, what a great idea.


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