I know it’s time for Fall when…

  1. I can order “liquid pumpkin pie” with a shot of whipped cream on top. Thank you Starbucks for the delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte! (free with my last precious giftcard because even though I love you Starbucks, I can NOT pay $5 for a cup of coffee…no matter how good it is.)
  2. My weekend plans revolve around a TN football game.
  3. I get to sew more (see reason #2)
  4. Every store has BBQ supplies on clearance to make room for the holiday supplies…oh wait, Hobby Lobby had Christmas stuff out in June…nevermind.
  5. The neighborhood looks like a deserted ghost town during the day.
  6. I get tired of shorts and tank tops…and sweating like a pig.
  7. I stop gravitating toward bright colors in the fabric store, and instead head for brown, red, orange, and cream.
  8. Craft fairs & Fall Festivals!
  9. I start to see the faint promise of red, orange, and gold from my kitchen window. I can’t wait to see this…



  1. Great list of things for Fall! I wish I had that lovely view out my window…how pretty!

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