My Relevant Recap

This past weekend I went to the Relevant Conference for Christian women bloggers. It was amazing and exactly what I needed on so many levels. God moved. He moved in my heart and in the hearts of women all around me. It’s hard to even find the words to express the flood of emotions and thoughts experienced (I’ve been trying to write this post for 4 days.) One thing I know for sure…I am not the same wife and mother that I was a few days ago.

It’s funny how a blog conference can end up having very little to do with blogging, but be everything you didn’t know you needed. While I wouldn’t say that I learned the answers to all of my technical questions, God used Relevant to shine His light into the dark spaces of my heart that were suffering from a serious case of  the dust bunnies. He pointed out the ugly pictures that had decorated the walls of my heart for so long and took them down, one by one.







The Need for Recognition

And for good measure, he painted a new coat of grace to brighten up the walls of my heart.

I know I’ll be processing all that I heard for a while. God is still speaking to me. He’s not done with me yet. I hope you’ll be here as I process and share the things that God has impressed upon my heart…I have a feeling some of it is for you, too.

 Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the sessions:

  • “If you don’t have time for God, you don’t have time to have a blog.” –Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom
  • “It’s the living life, not writing about it, that will change the world.” –Sally Clarkson, I Take Joy
  • “You will never be wrong in loving and forgiving someone who will never love and forgive you back.” –Serena Woods, Grace Is For Sinners
  • “Our greatest triumphs are aloways our most solitary ones, the ones that He alone sees, the ones alone in His Presence, and every great victory begins on the knees.”–Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience


To see more thoughts on Relevant from other attendees, please visit…


  1. Wow what a blog. I think saying it “out loud” is so powerful, and I am impressed by what you said. You are so bold and humble in this post!!!

    I am so so glad you went. I had a feeling it would be more than about blogging. And I am so glad for all God did for you there. I want to here all about it. You were on my heart heavy all weekend. The things you mentioned are such big issues, but our God can in a second release us from things like that. He has done that for me in one single weekend, and I am FREE because of the power of Christ still after years. I really can’t wait to hear more!!! I care so much for you, and I know He has great plans for your life. As we allow Him to mold us through brokeness, HE shapes our hearts and our will!! That is so exciting.

  2. Hi Sara,

    Well said – this weekend was so powerful in heart ways too! I echo your words about not being the same, in a good way. And, it’s hard too – knowing there is this heart surgery going on and so much processing and praying to do.

    Blessings to you,

  3. I feel so blessed to have met you this weekend! Your words captured this weekend beautifully! What a wonderful journey we are on! Glad to not be alone!
    (P.S. Glad your candle made it home, what a great reminder of a wonderful weekend!)

  4. Wow! I wanted to go but couldn’t but I learned through you that …if you don’t have time for God you don’t have time to blog. Ouch! Whoever said that, those are some powerful words. Don’t let blogging keep us from our FIRST love.

    • So glad you are gleaning from my experience…there is more to come! I think I’ll be processing everything for a while. Thanks for commenting, Sistergirl! Blessings!

  5. Hey Sara, thanks for sharing what you experienced this weekend. It sounds like a life changing weekend. You are discovering the secret of a successful Christian life. It is for His glory and He does not share it with anyone. I say take down those old pictures and get on with the redecorating! (In your life and in mine too.) The paint job is never ending. You are in my prayers to “be beautiful on the inside, in your heart, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quite spirit.”

  6. Well said!! It was great to meet you and I hope we can get together soon!

  7. Hi Sara!!
    Please email me your home address-I have something(s) for you.
    My email button is below my face on my blog, LOL!
    I received a new coat of grace for my heart, too:

    Love you, girl,

  8. Love the quotes, some of my favorites too!

  9. “And for good measure, he painted a new coat of grace to brighten up the walls of my heart.”

    amen and amen. the whole weekend was such a rich blessing:)


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