I am THAT mom…

The first playdate was such a success that my friend Krista and I decided to take the kids to the toddler playground at the mall and eat a little Chick-fil-a lunch. So off we went, and the kids had a blast! Jonah was feeling especially brave today and headed straight for the slide. Instead of […]

Long Time No Blog

So, I’ve been a little MIA on the blog scene lately, mainly from lack of good blogging material. I mean, would you really want to read about us spending the day in our pajamas… AGAIN?!? It seems that every year the November/December Holiday rush is such a whirlwind and then the ho-hom days of January […]

Winter Wonderland…sorta

The weatherman actually got it right today…sorta. They missed the part about 2 inches, but then again, they have a large area they’re covering so maybe somebody out there got 2 inches…but we didn’t, unfortunately. The weather reports said it would start with rain and turn to snow. While we were at Parent’s Day Out […]

Comfy Quilt Progress

It’s amazing how this…. can turn into this… With the temperatures getting down to the single digits and a few snow flurry sightings, we’ve been huddled up in the house with hot chocolate and blankets. I’ve always wanted to learn how to really quilt. (I made a small one with my first kindergarten class, but […]

Letting Go…

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a little while, their hearts forever.” This quote was swirling around in my head this week as I watched Jonah take a step closer to growing up. In true Sara fashion, I have enjoyed bumming around the house in my pajamas too much lately. And now that Ray is […]

I wanna bite…

Anyone that’s been around Jonah knows he’s a great eater…we have been so blessed! Peas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pineapple, you name it…he’ll eat it! (The only thing he doesn’t like so far are hot dogs. WEIRD.) The other little thing about Jonah and eating…he begs…like a dog. It’s pretty funny. Any time Ray or […]

Little Dancin’ Machine

Jonah loves music these days! Any time the radio or tv plays a catchy tune you can find him shakin’ and a groovin’! We thought you might like a sample of the little dancin’ machine…

Trains, Tantrums, and Temperatures…

Our Christmas day began at 5:30 (much earlier than we had hoped) with Jonah crying and running a fever. I gave Jonah some medicine, turned on the Christmas lights and settled in the recliner to wait for Ray to get up and open presents with us. Jonah and I watched a little bit of the […]

Choo! Choo!

We’ve been trying to get a good picture for our Christmas cards, but having a VERY mobile and, at times, a very uncooperative 17-month old doesn’t help. I’ve taken almost 200 pictures over the span of 2 “photo shoots” in front of our tree. Jonah either wants to turn his back to the camera and […]

An update from the couch…

Of all the times to get sick, the week before Christmas is really not the best time (not that any of them are very pleasant). Jonah woke up Tuesday morning with a very gross diaper that had leaked…everywhere. I’ll spare you the details. We tried to give him some toast (his favorite), but he wouldn’t […]