Top Ten Favorites From The Archives…

It’s always interesting to me to look at the stats for my blog traffic. Even though I haven’t been posting very much lately because of my sickness during this pregnancy and Zofran pump, there is still plenty of traffic coming through. According to Google Analytics, here’s what people are searching for on the Happy Brown House

DIY Mannequin

Playdough Mats

ABC Playdough Mats

Preschool Sorting Activities

Muffin Tin Sorting

Butterfinger Cake Recipe

Poor Man’s Turtles Recipe

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Marshmallow Pops

Fingerprint Art

Mommy & Me Activities

Zofran Pump

Zofran Pump

I always find it fascinating that some of my most popular posts are buried way down deep in the archives, and they still get lots of traffic thanks to internet searches! What does this list tell me? People are hungry and looking for fun preschool activities. Good thing I’ve got plenty of that around here!

Want to know where my some of my top referrals come from? Go show them some love!

  1. Facebook (Do you “like” us too?)
  2. Google
  3. Twitter (We’re here too!)
  4. Life On Lightning
  5. Totally Tots
  6. Spell Out Loud
  7. Today’s Creative Blog (I joined a linky last week)
  8. Shaun Groves
  9. 10 Million Miles
  10. 1+1+1=1


  1. i just discovered that you can check stats on blogger and just started google analytics-you are always listed as my top referral-perfect post today because i’ve been meaning to tell you that-thanks!

    • It’s so funny that you said that, Dawn! Seems like everyone gets lots of traffic from me, but I can’t figure it out! (Even people I haven’t linked to in a long time) Wonder if people are coming over to you from the comments?

  2. These are all wonderful posts. I can see why they’re your most popular. I must try that butterfinger cake. Yum!

  3. Well, I just checked Google Analytics and found out that thousands of referrals to my site have come from you! Wow!! Thank you!

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