An update from the couch…

Of all the times to get sick, the week before Christmas is really not the best time (not that any of them are very pleasant). Jonah woke up Tuesday morning with a very gross diaper that had leaked…everywhere. I’ll spare you the details. We tried to give him some toast (his favorite), but he wouldn’t touch it. In fact, he cried until I took him out of the highchair. We relocated to the living room and Jonah settled in my lap with the top of his head snuggled up under my chin. He stayed there the rest of the day. He really felt yucky! He wouldn’t eat at all and barely drank anything. I tried everything! I could’ve fed five small children with all of the food he refused. I already knew that he would not be going to Parent’s Day Out on Wednesday, but being the last day before Christmas break, I needed to go be with the 3 year olds. We asked Ray’s Granny to help us out with that and she gladly came to be with the little sickling. Wednesday morning’s surprise wasn’t a yucky diaper, but vomit, the kind that makes you want to do the same while you’re cleaning it up. Ugh! Luckily Ray has become immune to the sights and smells of vomit from my pregnany with Jonah and he took care of it. What a wonderful guy I have! Poor Jonah, he wouldn’t have anything to do with food again. Apparently he caught a very nasty stomach bug because every baby in his PDO class was out with the same thing! He finally started to nibble on things by Thursday. He’s been laying around and been very clingy this week, which has made getting the last minute Christmas stuff done impossible….anyone want a New year’s present instead? I had hoped that Ray and I wouldn’t get it, but no such luck. We’ve both been knocked lifeless on the couch and getting caught up on all of our recorded shows. I’m praying for enough energy to get through a busy day at church tomorrow: playing “Mrs. F.” at Kidstuf, afternoon Choir Dress Rehearsal, and Choir Cantata at the evening service. It makes me tired just thinking about it.


  1. Blake, Alisha, and Jackson says:

    Sara, I am so sorry that you are sick! Blake is finally over it, and I thought Jackson was…but he splattered rice cereal all over me this afternoon while sitting in his high chair. No going to worship our Savior tomorrow! I am praying that I don’t get this nasty stuff…By far the worst stomach virus that has ever hit this house!! Merry Christmas!!

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