A Visit from Lori & Jim

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Tonight Ray’s cousin Lori and her husband Jim came over to visit and see Jonah. It’s been quite a while since they’ve seen him and believe it or not the little booger was shy for the first part of the visit. He warmed up eventually and was climbing all over Jim and exploring the pocket on Jim’s shirt. It was so much fun to have them over. I don’t know why we don’t get together more often. Now that I’m thinking about it…I should’ve cooked dinner for them! Bad hostess!

Lori’s super cute…she works out at ungodly hours in the morning! Lori’s super funny…she always tells great stories about when she and Ray were little (like teaching him bad words and vacations with Granny & Papaw)! And to top it off- Lori’s super talented…she’s into digital scrapbooking! She’s trying to get me to make the switch from paper to digital and even promised to teach me when I’m ready to give it a try. You should check out her blog…we are the stars of a recent post she made. She’s even done this layout of Jonah eating his birthday cake and getting his first sugar rush……..LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

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  1. Oh, don’t even worry about dinner!! We just wanted to visit. 🙂 We do need to get together more often, though!

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