When Tragedy is in Your Backyard…

The last few days have been a whirlwind. Surely by now you’ve heard of the devastation the Southeast has suffered from tornadoes. While we were spared, a tornado left its mark only 5 minutes from my house. We were without cable and internet for a few days…but really, in the grand scheme of things that is nothing. I’m just thankful we maintained power…others we know weren’t so lucky.

It’s funny how when tragedies hit in other parts of the world we watch the news coverage, say a prayer, and move on with our day. When tragedy is in your backyard, it’s a little harder to be content to ignore.  Through the local tragedy, I’ve seen the outpouring of compassion from others and have grown even more in love for the area in which we live….because really, there is no place like the South. I’ve seen women delivering brown bag lunches, Sunday school classes clearing trees, friends opening their homes to others without power, and even local bloggers sending an email to check on each other. Little things that amount to so much more in the lives affected by the tornadoes.

Please say a prayer for the people in my area as they clean up and rebuild. The death toll is still being counted, and we know the names of a few families that have lost loved ones. Pray that we find an opportunity to help someone and show them Jesus during this time.

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  1. Praying for those in need due to the tornados.

    And – when tradgedy strikes you really find out who your friends are. It’s great that people are reaching out to one another.

  2. Mrs. John Jennings says:

    May our Lord In heaven be with all involved and may His hand be on all with strength and courage; love and compassion, and may His grace and love cover all loss, in Jesus Name.

    Only once in my life had I lived through such devistation of a tornado, as a child it lived with you for a long time and security is lost for a long time, so may our Lord restore the feeling of safety to the children and adults alike. Things mean nothing to you during these times freinds and family do. May our Lord bless all coming together, in Jesus Name.
    Mrs. J.

  3. Thankful you are safe…but when it hits that close to home…affecting people you know and love…I’m sure the “weeping with those who weep” hits such a deep place within.
    I’m so sorry…
    I love reading about the community coming together though–God’s love in action–that part is beautiful.

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