Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air

We love simple science experiments at our house! The kids love getting to study science concepts through hands-on activities best and are always excited when we have a fun science activity to try. We have been studying air in our science time and took a few minutes to talk about how air is always around us, but we can’t always see it.

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with only 3 household materials and less than five minutes

Testing for Air

Since air is invisible, it can be a tricky science topic for kids. You can feel air around you when it is windy and you can see leaves move, but you still can’t see air by itself. In order to help the kids “see air” and realize that air is everywhere we did a quick science activity to test for air. Testing for air is a really simple science experiment for kids. With just a few household items, you could set up this experiment in less than five minutes.

You will need:

  • Bowl with water
  • empty drink can or an empty, clear plastic bottle


Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air. You only need 3 simple household materials  and five minutes.

Push the can or bottle into a bowl of water so it begins to fill up. Watch what happens to the water.

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with 3 household materials and less than five minutes

You will see bubbles as the water pushes out air from inside the bottle. Most things that look empty are really full of air. So easy and your kids will be amazed!Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with 3 household materials and  less than five minutes

Our Testing for Air Video

I took a video of us performing the simple science experiment for the first time. You’ll notice that I didn’t give them the answer, but gave them thinking time and rephrased my question to help them. I want my kids to learn how to think and work it out. I knew they could get to the answer since we’ve been talking about the science concepts, but you’ll notice that they were talking so fast that other science terms came out. My point? Give the kids plenty of time to think and form their answer before you swoop in and tell them.

Want more air experiments for kids? Check out Science with Air!

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Christopher Columbus Activities for Kids

We’ve been studying Early Explorers at our house in the first few weeks of homeschool. During our Christopher Columbus Unit, we’ve looked at maps of Christopher Columbus’ accidental voyage to North America, made our own versions of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, and so much more! I’ve pulled together all of the best Christopher Columbus Activities for Kids–snacks, crafts, printables, and more– for inspiration and wanted to share them with you! This list would be perfect for your own Christopher Columbus unit or for Columbus Day Activities for Kids, which is in October.

Note: There is a fantastic giveaway at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss your chance to win!

30+ Christopher Columbus Activities for Kids

Columbus Crafts & Activities for Kids

Have your little one practice cutting skills while making a Columbus Day Collage from Crayon Freckles. Isn’t this one just adorable?

Christopher Columbus Collage

Make a Triple Sail Boat out of simple shapes, craft sticks, and cereal from Reel Mama.

Columbus Day Craft: Triple Sail Boat

Create a sensory experience with this Columbus Day Spice Painting. Kids will be sure to remember that Christopher Columbus was originally trying to find a western trade route to India and China with this activity!

Columbus Day Spice Painting

Make an adorable handprint keepsake with a Handprint Columbus Boat Craft from The View from the Pew.

Handprint Columbus Boat Craft

Give your kids an engineering challenge to design and build a boat that floats. This is a great STEM activity using recycle materials!

Engineer this: Build a boat that floats STEM challenge for kids

Recycle plastic fruit cups from your kids’ lunch box to make some boats to float in the water table. Originally a Thanksgiving & Mayflower Craft, this would still work for Columbus and other explorers.Mayflower craft made from recycled fruit cup

Dig in your recycle bin again and make Egg Carton Columbus Day Boats that really float!

Egg Carton Columbus Day Boats that really float

Still want more boat ideas? Here is a round-up of 18 Boat Crafts for Kids to Make gathered by Kids Activities Blog.18 Boat Crafts for Kids to Make

Columbus Snacks for Kids

Make a healthy Columbus Day Snack with lots of fruits and veggies.

Columbus Day Snack

Serve miniature Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria boats for a Columbus Day Muffin Tin Meal out of shrimp and cheese.

Muffin Tin Meal: Columbus Day Boats

Create a Columbus Day Bento Lunch with an educational twist that is sure to please your little ones!

Columbus Day Bento Lunch

Columbus Printables for Kids

Give your printer a workout and then laminate to your hearts content with these printable activities for Christopher Columbus.

3 Dinosaurs shares a Christopher Columbus Pack that has been updated to include 49 pages of fun! (Ages 2-8)

Christopher Columbus Printable Pack

Royal Baloo has another great Free Christopher Columbus Printable Pack that includes different activities and super cute graphics! (school-age)

Free Christopher Columbus Printable Pack from Royal Baloo

123Homeschool4Me has some super cute Columbus Day Coloring Sheets & Writing Prompts

Columbus Day Coloring Sheets & Writing Prompts

In All You Do has a set of Free Columbus Day Coloring Activities with over 32 coloring pages.

Free Columbus Day Coloring Activities

Columbus Books for Kids

*affiliate links
Don’t forget to pair these fun Christopher Columbus activities with a good book! Some of our favorites include:

Christopher Columbus (Step into Reading, Step 3, Grades 1-3)

You Wouldn’t Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus!: Uncharted Waters You’d Rather Not Cross

Who Was Christopher Columbus?

Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus

First Voyage to America: From the Log of the “Santa Maria” (Dover Children’s Classics)

My First Biography: Christopher Columbus


Encounter (Voyager Books)

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Kid Blogger Network Fall Round-ups

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Easy Viking Lunch for Kids

We’ve been studying vikings and early explorers at our house lately. One day I decided to get a little creative with the kids’ lunches and prepare a fun and easy viking helmet snack. The kids loved it and have asked for this creative lunch twist every day since!

Need an easy lunch/snack idea for kids? This Easy Viking Lunch is a quick way to add a little fun to lunchtime with simple ingredients you already have at home. Such a cute idea for a viking unit!

How To Make A Viking Lunch

Make a sandwich. Using a knife, I cut off a small portion of the top in an a rounded arch.

viking snack sandwich shape

Next, I peeled a banana, divided it in half, and placed both pieces on the sides of the sandwich, pointing up.

Then, using a broken pretzel stick and some raisins, I embellished the viking hat.

Viking Snack

Eat and enjoy!

My kids really enjoyed this quick and easy treat! Asher gave it two thumbs up.

Two thumbs up for a viking snack

Viking Fun Fact: Horned Viking Hats are actually a myth! Traditional Viking Hats were rounded with a piece that hung down in front of their nose.

 Our Favorite Viking Books to Read after Lunch

Read and Make Viking Lunch

*Affiliate links are present

 Voyage with the Vikings (Imagination Station Series)Voyage with the Vikings (Imagination Station Series)

vikingViking (DK Eyewitness Books)

Leif the LuckLeif the Lucky

Read This Make That (Viking Snack Edition)

Tell me: How do you make reading fun?

Kid Crafts with Kiwi Crate

Kid Crafts with Kiwi Crate-perfect for busy moms!

Disclosure: I received this product for free. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

What is Kiwi Crate?

Kiwi Crate is a monthly kid crafts subscription. They deliver hands-on fun right to your mailbox. Designed for ages 3-8, projects can include arts and crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more. Everything for 2-3 projects is included in the crate, and there are a variety of Kiwi Crate themes to choose from.

Opening our Kiwi Crate Box

Our Kiwi Crate Experience

We received the “Around the World” Kiwi Crate. (I can’t find a direct link for you on their site since their available themes rotate.) The kids were so excited to get a package just for them and immediately wanted to open it.

Around the World Kiwi Crate

The main craft was a World Flag Banner and the main game was a World Map Game. We chose to make the flag banner on the back porch during a cool morning and waited to play the map game later that evening with daddy.The kids followed the directions for making the flag banner (written and picture directions) without much assistance from me.

Kiwi Crate World Flag Banner Craft

The flag banner was cute and we will hang it in our homeschool room above our world map. We looked at our map to find all the countries represented in our banner. Kiwi Crate Flag Craft

The World Map Game was a great introduction to continents and famous landmarks with a bingo twist. It was perfect for a family game night after dinner! The game was easy enough for our youngest to participate thanks to the color-coded cards, but it was still educational for our oldest who is reading well. He was able to read the quick facts about the landmarks for us. And yes, Asher is walking around saying “Machu Pichu” now. What 2 year old does that?

Kiwi Crate World Map Game

What I Thought of Kiwi Crate

As a naturally crafty mom, I was a bit skeptical of a kid crafts subscription. I wondered if it would be something I could’ve come up with on my own using materials I already had at home. However, Kiwi Crate totally knocked my socks off. Yes, I could’ve made up the craft with materials we already had, but the Kiwi Crate was so much more than just a craft. Our particular Kiwi Crate came with a craft, a game, and an activity book/magazine for further learning exploration, craft ideas, and games.

Kiwi Crate Activities Collage

With three kids, homeschool, extracurricular activities, and just an overall crazy schedule, I appreciated the time Kiwi Crate gave back to me. All I had to do was open the box for the kids and interact. I didn’t have to come up with an idea. I didn’t have to gather or prepare materials. (Let’s face it, that is half the battle!) Kiwi Crate was truly open and go. I was glad to put the time saved in gathering materials to use in other important areas, like prepping dinner.

On a personal note, I haven’t had the time or the energy during the adoption attachment period to put together things like this, so I was excited to have an activity for the kids to do that didn’t require much of me. I’m stretched too thin right now and Kiwi Crate was a lifesaver this month!

Some things I was really impressed with about Kiwi Crate

They thought of everything. Seriously. I was so impressed with everything: peel-and-stick felt, providing scissors, and even a special sticker to wrap around the end of the rope to make threading the rope through the flags easier.

Kiwi Crate thinks of everything!

The activities were fun, engaging, and educational. You know how much that impresses this homeschool momma!

The packaging. Y’all, their packaging is so cute and creative! For example, you can even cut the box down and use it for play with the puppets printed on the packaging. They really pack a lot of fun into one little green box!

Kiwi Crate packaging is even designed for kid crafts and activities

Some things I wish were a little different about Kiwi Crate

We had one meltdown over who was going to make a particular flag and I immediately wished we had more materials so the kids could each make their own flag buntings. After looking on the Kiwi Crate website, I found out there is an option to add-on a sibling set of materials for an extra fee. I am glad for that option, although I probably wouldn’t spend an extra $10 on that option just to avoid a tantrum driven by selfishness.

I loved the clever world map game and wanted to use it over and over. I wish the game pieces were made of cardstock or thicker paper. The game cards were very thin and wouldn’t handle a lot of wear and tear from children. I will laminate these to use in the future and modify the game pieces if needed.

What My Kids Thought of Kiwi Crate

Ultimately, the kids’ opinions are what counts here since it was for them. I asked my kids to talk to me about Kiwi Crate.

What was your favorite thing about Kiwi Crate?
Jonah (7): I liked all of the activities. I can’t pick a favorite!
Lily (5): I liked making the flags.
Asher (a week from 3): I like making da fwags, Momma.

What didn’t you like about Kiwi Crate?
Jonah (7): I had to share it with the others.
Lily (5): I looooved everything! (insert dramatics and jazz hands here)
Asher (a week from 3): Huh? What momma?

Would you like to get another Kiwi Crate?
Jonah (7): YES! Can I have my own this time?
Lily (5): YES! Do they have a princess one?
Asher (a week from 3): YES! Again!

Is a Kiwi Crate Subscription worth it?

Is a Kiwi Crate Subscription Worth It?

I think Kiwi Crate is worth it. I really surprised myself with that statement since I’m such a DIY and frugal girl, but I think boxed craft/activity sets can be beneficial, too. Kiwi Crate is perfect for busy moms or moms that feel planning kid crafts is not their strength. The activities were top-notch and fun for my three kids. I think Kiwi Crate would make a perfect gift! If you like to give “experience gifts” instead of toys, Kiwi Crate would be a hit!

Want to try them yourself?

Use code BTS25 for 25% off 1st month subscription to Kiwi Crate. New subscribers also receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit.

Kiwi Crate is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Be sure to follow them! They share great kid crafts ideas on their social media accounts and their newsletter.

2014 Back-to-Homeschool Photos

It’s hard to believe I’m starting my third year “officially” homeschooling! I’ve been working on planning and getting familiar with our 2014 curriculum for a while (hello, tax returns), but I just didn’t have the heart to pull the kids away from summer yet. Well, that, and we’re still finding our new normal after an emergency adoption and a basement renovation. After taking a quick weekend retreat with some iHomeschool Network bloggers, I’m finally ready to get settled into our daily homeschool routine and space.

Every year I share our Back-to-Homeschool photos, and this year is no different. I love looking back and seeing how much they’ve grown over the years!


Jonah just turned 7 over the summer and will be in Second Grade. He loves building with Legos, reading, and playing baseball. He’s peeked at the curriculum box and is excited that this year we will learn about Vikings, Native Americans, and Settlers. Jonah enjoys history, geography, and science so I’m anticipating our discussions as we study things he’s excited about–his excitement is contagious.


Lily is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten. She is newly adopted, so we’re still discovering new things about Lily. She loves Disney’s Frozen, singing, and all things sparkle. (When I asked her what her favorite color was she replied, “Pink, Purple, and Sparkle.” True story.) I performed an initial Kindergarten assessment that I used in my former public school classroom, and was pleasantly surprised. She desperately wants to learn how to read and is well on her way!

Asher 2014


Asher is about to turn 3 in a few weeks and will be our Tot School/Homeschool Sidekick. He loves trains, cars, and has a slight obsession with puzzles. He knows all of the ABC’s and I’ll be working on introducing letter sounds and numbers to him. Asher can be mischievous and strong-willed, but is motivated to be a part of the action. He will be involved with some of our hands-on projects, crafts, and, of course, our read-alouds.

Back to Homeschool 2014

Here’s to another great homeschool year!

I’m linking up with the 6th Annual Not Back-to-School Hop with iHomeschool Network.


2014-2015 Curriculum (2nd, K, and Tot School)

I am so excited for a new school year! This year I’ll “officially” have two children in school, but the youngest will be joining us for tot school. Our school days will be full of activity! It’s hard to believe I’ll have a child in 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and in Tot school!

{affiliate links have been included}

2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum choices for 2nd grade, kindergarten, and tot school. Great List of ideas!

Second Grade Curriculum Choices

Jonah is so excited to be in 2nd grade! We are continuing with My Father’s World and will be doing Adventures this year. We have been so pleased with My Father’s World! I highly recommend it!


Bible: Learning the names of Jesus, reading the Bible, Awana memory verses

History: My Father’s World Adventures in U.S. History–focuses on United States History (early settlers, founding fathers, pioneers, etc,) and United States Geography.

Science with Air
Science in the Kitchen
Birds, Nests, and Eggs
First Encyclopedia of Science
Fun with Magnets


Jonah is a fantastic reader already! He will hide and read all afternoon (like his momma). We will be working through several read alouds for comprehension skills and he will have daily reading activities with his Book Basket.

Language Arts:
Language Lessons for Today (Grade 2)

All About Spelling, level 1

No specific curriculum. Most of our writing is integrated into other subjects: science journal writing, history notebooking, etc.

Patriotic Songs of the U.S.A
Introduction to Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Suite

I Can Do All Things

I’ve made a YouTube playlist for My Father’s World Adventures in U.S. History. We will be watching videos to go along each unit.

My Pinterest board for Adventures where I’ve gathered ideas and resources to use
Follow Sara’s board MFW Adventures in U.S. History (2nd Grade) on Pinterest.

Kindergarten Curriculum Choices

Lily will be in Kindergarten! Our new daughter is a bright little girl that is already well on her way to reading! Lily will be starting My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum. While Lily doesn’t really need to do the letter of the week activities, she does desperately need the basic Biblical truths that are woven throughout My Father’s World Kindergarten. My goal for this first year with Lily is to just bathe her in God’s Word & Biblical truths…the other learning will take care of itself.

Unit Studies:
My Father’s World Kindergarten

Math-U-See Primer

We will study all sorts of things for science with each unit of My Father’s World. We will be doing lots of hands-on science explorations, nature study, and field trips to our local zoo, aquarium, and farm. We will observe caterpillars turning into butterflies, ants digging tunnels, and more!

My Father’s World Kindergarten phonics, leveled readers, library books, iPad apps, and a bunch of other things! Lily already knows over 30+ sight words and is sounding out words, so she is already on her way to reading.

Tot School

Asher will be tagging along for calendar time, read alouds, games, and music. I have decided to include him in the ABC fun each week and will have some tot-friendly activities for him to work on while I work with the big kids. He will have some “mommy & me” time each morning where I work on skills he needs to learn, but for the most part, he is free to tag along as much as he wants and then go play when he isn’t interested.

Want to see what other homeschoolers are using? Check out the 6th Annual NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop!


The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

Y’all. It’s been the busiest and craziest summer ever. BIG things have happened–an emergency adoption, basement remodeling, an eBook. Lots. I’m so full of things to tell you and pictures to show you that I’m about to burst.

But first, I have to tell you about the eBook because I fiddle-farted around and didn’t hint about it and now the eBook is going on sale today, and well…you get the picture.

Perhaps you’ve had a big, fat, crazy summer, too and the thought of back-to-school time makes your heart start racing. You’re in good company!

I got together with some of the other bloggers from iHomeschool Network and we wrote The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. It’s jam-packed with homeschool goodness from 55 moms on 103 topics–ages & stages, learning resources, managing life as a homeschool mom, and more. It’s BIG (560+ pages long) and wisdom just oozes all over the place from some of my favorite homeschool blogging friends.

Big Book of Ideas Final Cover 3D

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is a digital product in pdf, mobi and epub formats. You get all three formats with one purchase. You can read it on your computer, iPad, tablet, laptop, smart phone, or any device that can read those formats (pdf, mobi and epub).

While you’re preparing your heart and home for a new homeschool year, treat yourself to expertise and fresh ideas to make this year the best homeschool year yet! Buy your copy today!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas--55 moms share their expertise on 103 topicsI promise I’ll write all the big, fat, crazy things that have happened to us this summer. I’ll tell you all about the adoption stuff–It’s A Girl! I’ll show you pictures of our basement remodel–It’s a homeschool room! And I’ll get busy sharing my plan for the new homeschool year. In the meantime, go buy The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. After all, I have an emergency adoption to pay for!