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The Ultimate Guide to Developing Fine Motor Skills

April 7, 2014

Fine Motor Skills are important to everyday activities such as tying shoes, writing names, and buttoning a shirt. Little hands need practice to develop these skills and strengthen hand muscles. What Are Fine Motor Skills and Why Develop Them? is a great place to start if you aren’t sure what fine motor skills really are […]

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iHomeschool Network Twitter Party 3-11-14

March 11, 2014

You are invited to attend a twitter party TONIGHT with iHomeschool Network! Tonight I’ll be tweeting behind the scenes for iHomeschool Network for the #iHSnet twitter party with six different featured guests. There are prizes and coupon codes, too! I hope to see you there! For twitter party newbies, try using Twubs to follow along. […]

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5 Preschool Pinterest Boards You Don’t Want to Miss

March 10, 2014

I love Pinterest. There are lots of great ways to use Pinterest–wish lists, project ideas, menu planning, and more. I have found that I have a mixture of Pinterest boards, but some of my favorite to pin to are preschool focused. Today I’m sharing my Top 5 Preschool Pinterest Boards. Make sure to follow them! […]

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A Sense of Resurrection: Easter Activities for Families

March 6, 2014

If you are looking for hands-on activities to help explain the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection, then you’ll want to grab a copy of the new ebook, A Sense of Resurrection–Easter Activities for Families from OhAmanda. A Sense of Resurrection is 12 hands-on activities you can do with your kids in the weeks leading […]

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East TN Bloggers

February 25, 2014

It’s always fun to find people in your area that share your own passions. Recently, I was added to a Facebook group. The thing we have in common? We all live in East Tennessee and blog. It was really neat to see the wide range of topics and even see a few familiar faces! I […]

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Simple Science: Observing Snowflakes

February 19, 2014

Jonah was especially excited about our recent snow since it came during the week we were studying snow in science with My Father’s World First Grade. I love when God does things like that! At the sight of the first few flakes, he took a magnifying glass outside to get a closer look at them […]

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Indoor Snow Play with a Snow Sensory Bin

February 18, 2014

It has snowed twice this month! Chattanooga, TN isn’t known for lots of snow, so we enjoyed the rare treat of sledding and throwing snowballs. The boys loved it! The temperature rose quickly and the snow started to melt….except on our back porch. Wanting to savor the last little bit of snow, I scooped up […]

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