Broken Record

Do you ever get caught up in the negative? I do.

It seems like there is this cycle I get caught up in where I lament the things that I don’t get done on my to-do list, but want to so desperately. Or, I find myself feeling guilty over my mommy decisions for the day. So often, I go to bed crying over the day.

Some days I need a big dose of perspective and to give voice to the things I’m actually getting “right” in this life.

Want to hear about one such day? I’ve got a post up on The MOB Society that seemed to resonate with quite a few moms. Go over there and toot your horn with me!

Mothers of Boys

Jonah says…

“Asher, you’re my best friend.”

It’s happening. Slowly, but surely these boys are becoming brothers.

brothers in a tunnel Happy Brown HouseMelts. my. heart.

Teach Them Diligently Convention: A Recap

Last weekend I strapped Asher in his carseat and drove with some friends to the Teach Them Diligently Convention. Only, it wasn’t that easy, because homeboy hates his carseat like nobody’s business. So a quick drive over the mountain in between nursing sessions took much, much longer than it should have, but that’s besides the point.

This was my first homeschool conference to attend. I had no idea what to expect, but I was with good friends and I knew, if anything, I would have a great time with the girls…plus Asher. Lucky for me, Teach Them Diligently was fantastic. It really set the bar high for all future homeschool conferences I attend. The speakers were fantastic. The vendor hall was filled to the brim and then some (seriously, there was an overflow room!) For being a first year event, I was super impressed with the smoothness of things. It was a well-oiled machine!

I had the chance to sit in some fabulous sessions. God used some of them to pierce my heart and reveal things in my heart that needed to be left at the feet of Jesus. Other sessions filled me up and gave me the confidence to follow our convictions about homeschooling, even if we’re in the minority. I couldn’t get to all the sessions I wanted to go to because there were just too many on my list! Some I had to step out of early due to my adorable little sidekick.

I got to connect with other homeschool moms that I know from social media. How fun is that?!?! Some of the meet-ups were planned, but one in particular was completely orchestrated by God and probably the most encouraging for me. I met Jacque from The Grain Loft, a real-life reader of The MOB Society, and fellow adoptive mom. My heart was so encouraged by our meeting. Their adoption story is similar to ours (well, the beginning at least) and it was a pleasure to talk to her and her husband. It was kinda weird to have someone recognize my writing, but kinda cool at the same time.

I also got to meet Melanie Young from Raising Real Men and a fellow MOB Society writer. Listening to Melanie and her husband, Hal, during their Raising Real Men session was fabulous. I have long admired them and what they have to say about raising boys (they are practically experts with 6 boys and 2 girls). Their session, named after their book Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys, was a treasure trove of wisdom for parents of boys.

I got a chance to thumb through curriculum in the vendor hall. Picking curriculum is by far the most daunting thing to me right now about homeschooling and getting to look at things up close and personal was helpful. Although, at the same time, my indecision is getting the best of me still as I look over catalogs repeatedly. As a public school teacher, I never had the chance to choose curriculum…I don’t know what to do with this new found freedom! Although, I think I have narrowed it down to a few. We’re still praying over the decision.

One of the vendors that I met that blessed my heart was Kristi from Samuel L. Collins and the Search For Biblical Truths. She sent me home with a DVD for Jonah to watch & review and an encouraged heart. God used her speaking session to point my heart in the right direction when it comes to planning activities for Jonah. While the ABC’s and 123’s are important, I tend to get tunnel-vision when it comes to that sort of thing and forget that it isn’t all up to me. One of the things that I wrote down from this session in my notes was

“Where is God going to work when you have it all figured out already?”

Ouch. I’m so guilty of this. I think I have to have a plan and be in control, when really, God is already at work. Oh, this session was so good!

I know I’ll have lots more to say about Teach Them Diligently as I read over my notes and listen to the sessions that I missed. (My friends and I went in together to purchase them!) If they have it again next year, we’ll be going again for sure!

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Treasures For You…

Since I’ve been posting about Jonah’s Pirate Birthday Party, it’s only natural that I share a few hidden treasures with you! Trust me, we’ll be back to the the last of the Pirate Party details soon…

Treasure #1:  I posted over at The MOB Society about the Hidden Treasure we’ve found over the past 10 months. I’d love it if you came over to visit and support me over there! And no, it has nothing to do with the pirates!
Mothers of Boys

Treasure #2:  I’ve got another blog post up at Totally Tots! This time I posted about “The Funny Font Book” and how to address some of those “funny letters” that confuse kids when they come across a different font than they are used to. Also, it includes a FREE download for readers!

totally tots

Treasure #3:  The other site I write for, Pennies & Blessings, is hosting a giveaway bash all week! There are some great prizes, including one from my shop on Saturday (8-13-11). Be sure to head over there each day to enter!

Pennies and Blessings

War Cry


And there it was, his first curse word. Spoken with the tone and inflection of an adult, but with the voice of a boy years away from puberty’s deepening. A month shy of four years old, and he’s already found a dagger in his toolbox. My mind raced to think of how to react. I was unprepared. I thought we still had time before this blow to my ears and heart. Click here to read the rest at The MOB Society

*I’m posting over at The M.O.B. Society today! I’d love it if you joined me over there! What is The M.O.B. Society? A place FOR moms of boys, BY moms of boys.

Random Thoughts on a Summer Day…

Let’s see just how random I can be today…

~I posted at The MOB Society today On Protecting Family Time and Priorities. I went out on a limb and posted about sports & priorities. I know it can be a polarizing issue in some circles, but I’m hoping people see past that and search for Truth today. I’d love for you to join in the conversation that has already been booming over there! Apparently, I stirred the pot a little…I’ve gotten tons of comments!

Jonah kicking soccer ball

~I’m 27 weeks AND I’m off the Zofran pump! Let’s all do some cartwheels and a virtual high-five! I’m SO excited! Now, I can actually think about having a baby instead of hugging the toilet.

Zofran Pump

~Since I’m finally feeling good enough to deep clean my house, we’re scheduled to have our home inspection part of our Adoption Homestudy completed. I got sick right before we got to this important step and we’ve been temporarily “paused” until I felt better. I’ve hated having this extra waiting time added to our total time, but I know that God is aligning us with our child…and really, He can speed up the other parts of the process if He wants to get us to where we need to be at the right time for the right child.

~Our Homestudy visit is scheduled for the morning of June 14th. I’m cleaning like a madwoman (with plenty of breaks since I tire easily). I’ve come to realize I have WAY too much junk lingering around this house. The donation box is overflowing! Does this count as nesting?

~I went to my regular physician today for some adoption paperwork. It’s the first time he’s heard about our adoption and pregnancy. He didn’t quite understand why we would continue. I thought about sending him the link to my Adoption FAQ #4 post. He filled my paperwork out, but you could tell he thought I was a weirdo. Oh well, I’m getting used to that reaction.

~I get to see my Actress-wanna-be sister tomorrow! Aunt Rachel is visiting from Hollywood! We haven’t seen her since last summer.

~My hydrangeas are in full bloom! I thought they’d be blue like the ones in my granny-in-law’s yard that they came from…but they’re pink. (Kinda like when I thought for sure the ultrasound would show a girl, but it was a boy.) I’ll be adding something to the soil to turn them blue because the blue hydrangeas are my favorite, but these have been making me smile and have brightened my table.

~Tomorrow starts 21 Days of Prayer for Our Sons. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check it out! You can even join in on Facebook! It’s gonna be awesome. There are over 1,000 moms and dads signed up to pray!

I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough randomness for today….

The Masks We Wear

The mask

As I started seeing the costumes and candy corn grace the shelves of Target, I heard a soul-whisper. Accompanied by a cupped hand and straining to make out the hushed voice that tickles the ear, “What are you hiding behind?”

I ponder these words, rolling them around like dice in my hand. Examining them. Counting the dots. Trying to figure out how to make them land with the perfect number combination to take me to the finish square. But it’s impossible–there is no way to cheat with dice. To read the rest of this post, come visit me at The M.O.B. Society!

Mothers of Boys

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