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On Due Dates and Miscarriages

November 13, 2013

I knew the day was approaching. Circled in red on my calendar, it was a constant reminder of what wouldn’t be. My momma heart was bracing itself for the day’s impact. The funny thing about calendar days: you can’t skip over them no matter how much you want to. The youngest reader in the house […]

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Permission To Feel

May 9, 2013

Life isn’t a Hallmark commercial. I think that’s why I found myself crying while folding the laundry and half-watching the television. The Mother’s Day commercials that usually leave me saying “Aww” have left a bittersweet taste in my mouth this year. For the first time, I understand what so many other women feel about just […]

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My Very Important Lunch Date…

September 2, 2011

Today around lunch time, we’ll be meeting little brother. Yes, today is the day. I’ll be back soon to introduce you. Until then, will you pray for us?  I had hoped for a VBAC, but am ending up with another c-section. I’m pretty nervous. I need lots and lots of prayers today. Thank you friends!

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My Favorite Family Portrait…

August 25, 2011

One of the pictures I didn’t share yesterday when I talked about the “My” Sight Word Book Jonah and I made together was this… Did you catch it? Look closely… Did you see those extra bodies on the right hand side? You see, even though our family TECHNICALLY looks like this (atleast for the next […]

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The quiet before the labor…

August 22, 2011

I’m here. Baby is not…yet. I’ve had lots of fun things I’ve planned on posting for you, but well, it just didn’t happen…yet. In the past week, I’ve found myself turning inward and going to my soul’s quiet place instead of writing and sharing with the world. While there is still plenty on my “to-do”  […]

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{Almost} 35 Weeks Update

July 29, 2011

Ok, ok, so technically that would still make me 34 weeks, but I’m closer to the 35 week mark than 34….every little bit helps keep me going at this point! I’m {almost} 35 weeks (like in 2 days). Like most women, I feel huge at this point… but I’m not letting that stop me from […]

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Random Thoughts on a Summer Day…

June 7, 2011

Let’s see just how random I can be today… ~I posted at The MOB Society today On Protecting Family Time and Priorities. I went out on a limb and posted about sports & priorities. I know it can be a polarizing issue in some circles, but I’m hoping people see past that and search for […]

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