Preschool Music Appreciation with Clap for Classics Online Music Courses

Teaching preschool music appreciation lessons doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be quite fun! If given the right tools and guidance, I believe preschool music appreciation lessons have the potential to become a favorite time in your homeschool day. Have you given much thought to how to teach music appreciation to toddlers […]

Baby Emergency Car Kit

Have you ever thought about how much stuff it requires to clean up a baby from getting sick in the car? Or even worse, a diaper blowout of epic proportions? As a mom of three kids, one of whom is a baby with a rare food allergy that affects the GI tract, I have many, […]

The Ultimate Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

I learned very early in my motherhood journey that a well-stocked diaper bag is worth its weight in gold and can get you through almost any baby emergency. Over the years, my diaper bag needs have changed a bit for each new baby’s needs, but the core of my Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist have stayed […]

The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum for Kids Who Hate Math

Finding a homeschool math curriculum for kids who hate math can be a tricky thing. We are starting our eighth year of homeschooling and it has taken me until LAST year to find something that my oldest son will do consistently without complaining or shedding tears. Yes, in our home, math has been a major struggle, […]

Homeschool Planning Tips for Busy Moms

Being prepared can make or break a homeschool year. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Whether you think it’s fun or you dread it, homeschool planning is a necessary part of homeschooling. I’m hopeful that these Homeschool Planning Tips for Busy Moms will help you prepare for your […]

10 Ways to Include Art in Your Homeschool Day

Studying art in homeschool tends to be one of those things that you want to do, but it often gets pushed to the side when your homeschool day is filled with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Trust me, I know. However, I’ve found that there are some easy ways to include art in your homeschool day […]

Soda and Candy Balloon Science Experiment

Did you know you can blow up a balloon with soda and candy? You totally can! Much like our other balloon science experiments, this Soda and Candy Balloon Science Experiment uses common household materials to make a balloon inflate. It’s a pretty easy science experiment for kids if I do say so myself. We’ve been working […]

Nativity Star Ornament Craft for Kids

This Nativity Star Ornament Craft for Kids is a special ornament that my children made and I love hanging it on our Christmas tree. This Nativity ornament made with popsicle sticks is super cute. It’s a great addition to our list of Christmas ornaments for kids to make. It’s super easy, so grab your kids […]

Great Living Books for Teaching History

Interesting living books for teaching history are a great way to expose kids to historical time periods, events, and people. Living books draw readers into the story and teach without kids even knowing they are learning. That’s what’s so great about living books–they weave important facts into a story seamlessly. This effortless learning is why […]

Teddy Bear Trail Mix

This Teddy Bear Trail Mix is a special sweet snack mix that has been a family tradition for quite some time. This treat is simple to make and is addictive once you start eating it. I have found my husband picking out his favorite parts of this homemade trail mix recipe on more than one […]