2009 Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Yesterday after church we headed to Chester Frost Park to take a few pictures of Jonah for the Christmas card. I was motivated by a great deal I found on 100 FREE (yes, I said free) photo cards. The deal is expired by the time you are reading this….I apologize for not alerting you to the deal…I almost passed over it myself by not paying attention to the expiration date! I got a chance to try out my new camera lens since our other one had cracked. The zoom is backwards which will take some time to get used to, but I love the results! There were more “blooper” photos than there were usable photos for this year’s Christmas card, but the good ones are GRRRRR-EAT! (cue your best Tony the Tiger voice) Here are a few of my favorites…as for the card, well you’ll just have to wait and see it when they get delivered 😉

Not too shabby, eh?


Coffee Cozy Giveaway Winner

According to the complete randomness of my husband who picked a number, the winner of the Monogrammed Coffee Cozy is……..Michele P! Congratulations! If you didn’t win, you can always purchase a coffee cozy from my shop. I’ve been sewing a lot the past few days, so there will be new fabric choices as soon as I get them loaded.

30 Things I’m Thankful For…

1.  A husband that will do whatever it takes to let me stay home and be just “Mommy”.
2.  This little boy…even on days filled with tantrums, I love him more than life itself.
3.  Cold Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream…for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. (I can’t wait!)
4.  Our “Happy Brown House” in all it’s messy glory.
5.  Our diaper fairy…she lowers my budget with each box of diapers that appear at our door.
6.  Hydrangea bushes in full bloom…and handpicked bouquets.

7.  Etsy orders to fund my craft budget…and my grocery budget!
8.  A place to call home.
9.  An education……which I’m not fully using at the moment (see #1).
10.  A comfortable chair purchased from a yard sale instead of the new expensive chair I wanted at the time.
11. Freedom and the people who fight to protect it.
12.  Beautiful fabric to play with.
13.  Friends who feel like family.
14.  Coupons…and how the use of them has changed our budget tremendously.
15.  People God has brought into my life to fill in the empty spaces left from a broken relationship in my family.
16.  Quiet moments full of cuddles and kisses from Jonah.
17.  The freedom to worship as I choose
18.  DVR! We never have to watch commercials anymore!
19.  A husband that understands me better than I understand myself at times. He sees right to my core.
20.  A comfy bed and a full night’s sleep. (Jonah is a wonderful sleeper…most of the time)
21.  Ray’s Granny…even though I don’t always show it.
22.  Childhood memories that make me smile
23.  Rough times and the life lessons learned.
24.  The beginning of my favorite time of the year–I love Christmas!!!
25.  Blog friends & inspiration
26.  A happy and  healthy child
27.  My MOPS group
28.  Playdates
29.Naptime craft sessions
…all these things are great, but most of all I’m thankful for….
30.  A Savior that loves me so much he came to die for my sins and take my place on the cross. I’m forgiven. My debt is paid.

100 Posts!!! Giveaway Alert!!!

Happy 100 posts to me! Happy 100 posts to me! Happy 100 post dear Saaaaaaara…Happy 100 posts to me!!!!!!!!

And in honor of my 100 posts, I now have a blog button for you to grab and post in your sidebar! A hug and a thank you to Angie from My Four Monkeys! She did a great job didn’t she! I’m so excited! Now you can announce to the world that you read Happy Brown House!

In honor of my 100th Post and Angie’s generosity, I’m hosting another giveaway! I’ll be giving away one coffe cozie from my shop with a monogram (for you or a special someone)!

Wanna win? Here are 5 ways you can earn entries to the giveaway:
1) Visit my Etsy shop, come back and leave a comment telling me your favorite coffee cozie design.
2) Grab my new button and place it on your blog…leave a comment telling me where to find it.
3)Become a Follower of Happy Brown House…leave a comment telling me you did (or that you already follow)
4)Blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it…or any other social media site you choose (leave a comment and a url to come check it out)
5) Go visit Angie at My Four Monkeys and leave some comment love!

**Remember to leave a comment for each entry you earn. The giveaway will end  Friday, November 27 sometime after I recover from my Black Friday Shopping trip.**
Good Luck!

This giveaway has now ended. Sorry! Congratulations to Michele P!


You know you’re in for a long day when you wake up to find Jonah in the kitchen throwing a tantrum over a broken banana. Not only did the day continue with repeated tantrums…ALL DAY LONG over EVERY SINGLE THING, but they lasted for a very long time in length. My pediatrician suggested ignoring the tantrum at one of our visits, but seriously, how long do you let them go?  I’m amazed at the endurance of a two year old when throwing a tantrum. Jonah went for atleast an hour this afternoon…rolling around the floor, kicking, screaming. It was ridiculous. Any of my readers have some advice? How long do you let them go? Do you just ignore it? Do you move them to a designated place until they calm down? Help!

Kissing a boo-boo can get you in trouble….

Well, I’ve debated on sharing this story for fear the the people at the Department of Children’s Services might catch wind of it and track me down for questioning. But it is just SO FUNNY! Kids say the funniest things. The beauty of being a parent is being able to tell the funny stories to the kids they date as teenagers and embarass them….as payback for the embarassment you’ve endured through the years….tantrums in stores, restaurants, etc….can you tell we’re having a tantrum-filled day here? This story is definintely one for the books. By writing it down, I’m hoping I can remember it one day to embarass Jonah when he brings a girl home to meet me…you know, when he’s 30 or so.

As I was getting Jonah ready for bed he complained that his diaper hurt. I thought maybe I had gotten it too tight, so I loosened it. He still complained, only this time, he was very adamant that something was in pain. I inspected his diaper area. He said his pee-pee hurt. It looked a little red.

me: “I’m sorry you pee-pee hurts. You have a boo-boo.” (I walked right into it…)
Jonah: “Mommy kiss it.” (oh yes, he did.)
Ray was laughing hysterically, I was trying to keep my composure and explain “No, mommy can’t kiss it.”
Jonah repeats: “Mommy kiss it. Kiss my boo-boo.”
me: laughing hysterically, with tears streaming down my face
Jonah (very adamantly): “My pee-pee hurts. Kiss it Mommy.”
By this point, I knew he wasn’t going to drop the subject until something was done. But I was NOT going there and really, how do you explain to a 2 year old that this request isn’t a good idea. Think fast…Think fast…think fast….
My solution: I blew a kiss. Problem solved.

Crysmi…come on down!!


And the winner of the giveaway is Crysmi! I’ll get your book in the mail today! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!