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Beach Pictures

The camera and computer finally communicated… “Where am I? I can’t see!” “I hate the sand! Someone come rescue me!” “Do we really have to stay on the beach? I want to go to the pool. I guess I’ll sit here and pout a while…” “Again Dada! Again!” “Yeah! I LOVE the pool!”

We’re back…

and I’m already peeling! Aghhh!!! The good thing is the laundry’s already done. Whew! I love getting home from a trip and starting to unpack, but I hate the mess it makes! It looks like our luggage threw up everywhere….although the lil’ helper has done his fair share of “helping”. The crazy thing is we’re […]

Three Years Ago…

we became Mr. & Mrs. Happy Brown House (ok, ok, so really it was Mr. & Mrs. of the dumpy duplex we fondly named the “dumplex”, but hey, we quickly moved on to bigger and better things)… Little did we know a year later we’d go to “and baby makes three” status… We’ve had our […]

A Little R & R

By the time you read this, we will hopefully be a few hours into our trip (atleast we’d better be). We’re headed to the beach for vacation with friends! I can’t wait to get my freshly pedicured feet in the sand, build sandcastles with Jonah, and take long walks on the beach hunting for the […]

Toddler Love

I’ve been watching one of Jonah’s little friends from church for the past two weeks while her grandmother, who usually watches her, is out of town. I was happy to help out and make a little extra vacation money and I knew Jonah would enjoy having someone to play with. The first day Addyson was […]

Kmart Doubles List

Visit this post from Hip to Save for a very extensive list of Kmart Doubles for Free or Very Cheap Deals! You can “copy & paste” into a Word document and print it out to make things easier. The “rules” according to corporate: Limit of 10 coupons per person per day (we’ll see if they […]

Get ready….

Kmart is doubling coupons next week! Get your coupons organized. I’ll keep you posted on items that will be free or extremely cheap. Last time I did this I got close to $100 worth of items for 40 cents…..seriously, 40 cents!!! It was amazing! I then went back and got another $100 worth of items […]

Free Movie Monday!

Redbox Code for today is FM63H7. Good until Midnight tonight. To find the Redbox location nearest you visit Normally the movies are $1, but with this code get a rental FREE!Remember that this only gets you one night. If you keep it past 9 pm tomorrow, you will be charged a dollar. Redbox will […]