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A Real Snow!

We’ve finally gotten a real snow…not just a dusting We ended up with several inches. Perfect for sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels. Only Jonah doesn’t like snow angels because that requires laying down in the snow. And then he gets “dirty”. My son, the anti-anything-on-my-hands boy. Sigh. Fast forward to this morning, when […]

Our Latest Project…

Potty Training! So far so good.  M&Ms are a great motivator.

Another Milestone

Last night was Jonah’s first night in his toddler bed. He’s getting so big! He was so excited to get into his big boy bed by himself that he did not linger for a goodnight kiss. He woke up twice last night and needed help getting calmed down and going back to sleep. The first time […]


Happy Birthday to me! In honor of my birthday… 29 Things I Hope To Do This Year: Spend time with the Lord before I spend time doing other things(computer, sewing, cleaning, etc.) Get back in shape. There. I said it. It has to happen this year. I refuse to turn 30 looking and feeling like this. […]

You’re never too young…

…to clean up after yourself. Jonah made a mess at breakfast. I gave him the dustbuster and let him go to town. He found all sorts of things to vacuum. He loved it! (Not to mention my floor was cleaner!) Works for me!

Two Journeys

Today marks the start of two very different journeys for friends of mine from church. On one road, breast cancer. The other road, adoption. While each of these journeys have two very different destinations, I can’t help but think they are going through a very similar emotion today…wonder of the unknown road that lies ahead. I’m so glad […]

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 2

Remember yesterday when I told you about my freezer cooking prep for hamburger? Well, I do the same thing for chicken. When I see chicken on sale, I snatch up enough to last  a while. There are two different ways I have prepped my chicken in the past. Stick it in a crockpot (this works […]

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 1

When I teach classes on my “Crazy Couponing”, I am often asked how I save money on meat. Simple: I buy meat when it is the lowest price available…and I buy a lot of it! The next question usually is “What do you do with it/How do you keep it from going bad?” Ahhh, it’s […]


Here in the Southeast corner of Tennessee we don’t get snow very often. When we do get snow, it usually isn’t very much…which is why we enjoy every little dusting to it’s fullest!

New York Cheesecake

This New York Cheesecake recipe is hands down my husband’s favorite thing I make. He requests it for his birthday every single year. The first time I had this cheesecake I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head. One of the other kindergarten teachers made it for my birthday. I was hooked. […]