Reason I love my husband #99846546

Occasionally I come home to…. handpicked bouquets!  

Appliqued Name Pillows

Look what I’ve been working on…  Appliqued Name Pillows!

Appliqued Ribbon Ruffle Shirt

During the Christmas season, I made a Reindeer Ribbon Ruffle Shirt for a customer. She absolutely loved it! This weekend we had a birthday party to go to and I made another Ribbon Ruffle Shirt with a warm weather theme. I used a flip flop applique and added Payton’s name in Curlz font. The ribbon ruffle […]

Jonah says…

“Look Mommy! I blow on my birthday candles.”

Jonah says…

“Mommy, I want a sister….but not today. Probably tomorrow.”

Before I was a mother…

As Ray and I went on our Valentine’s Date Night, we were reminded of how much has changed since we had Jonah. Isn’t it amazing that this sweet little person can bring about so much change to our lives? Each new stage Jonah enters brings even more changes. While this list is not complete, here […]

A Real Snow!

We’ve finally gotten a real snow…not just a dusting We ended up with several inches. Perfect for sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels. Only Jonah doesn’t like snow angels because that requires laying down in the snow. And then he gets “dirty”. My son, the anti-anything-on-my-hands boy. Sigh. Fast forward to this morning, when […]

Another Milestone

Last night was Jonah’s first night in his toddler bed. He’s getting so big! He was so excited to get into his big boy bed by himself that he did not linger for a goodnight kiss. He woke up twice last night and needed help getting calmed down and going back to sleep. The first time […]

You’re never too young…

…to clean up after yourself. Jonah made a mess at breakfast. I gave him the dustbuster and let him go to town. He found all sorts of things to vacuum. He loved it! (Not to mention my floor was cleaner!) Works for me!

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 2

Remember yesterday when I told you about my freezer cooking prep for hamburger? Well, I do the same thing for chicken. When I see chicken on sale, I snatch up enough to last  a while. There are two different ways I have prepped my chicken in the past. Stick it in a crockpot (this works […]