Delight-directed Homeschoool Learning in December With CurrClick

December is a hard month for homeschooling in our house. The days leading up to Christmas seem so busy to me and all I really want is to just slow down, bake cookies, and stare at the twinkle lights on my Christmas tree. Not to mention, we’re all starting to feel a little homeschool burnout […]

Samuel L Collins DVD {Review & Giveaway}

If you’ve been around Happy Brown House very long, it is probably no surprise that we are very discerning about the media we let into our home. We preview everything before letting Jonah watch, including movies we might have seen prior to parenthood. While that may sound a little overbearing to some, we are serious […]

An “I Love You” Prayer Review {Giveaway}

We got a belated Valentine in the mail from Tommy Nelson and I’m so glad we did! An “I Love You” Prayer is the second book in the Time to Pray series by Amy Parker. It is a sweet book with charming illustrations! The board book is shaped like a heart. (I kinda love that…it’s […]

Hermie, a Common Caterpillar (Review & Giveaway)

Hi! Remember me? I’m that blogger that had high hopes of posting with a newborn {insert maniacal laugh}. Said newborn has rocked our world a little bit more than I had expected (in a good way, I promise we’re ok)….which means it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. BUT, I have something time-sensitive […]

The Crippled Lamb (Review & Giveaway!)

Sometimes we just feel left out, don’t we? I know I’ve had my fair share of disappointments (well into adulthood) when it comes to feeling left out of things that I think I should be included in. It’s hard. It hurts. It makes you want to crawl under the covers and sulk for a while. […]

Double Giveaway Alert

That’s right there are TWO chances to win something from my etsy shop, Stitches by Sara, on the same day! You can enter to win at Pennies & Blessings or at The Southern Institute. Go enter both to double your chances! You know you’ve been crushing on a coffee cozy…. Both of these blogs are […]

Winner of the Rebecca St. James Giveaway!

Just wanted to let you know the winner of the Rebecca St. James CD Giveaway is…. LeAnna who blogs at Thoughts and Whatnots! Thanks to all who entered! I wish I could send one to all of you! And for the record, my “back in the day” wasn’t that long ago either…I’m only 30! Some […]

Rebecca St. James CD (Review & Giveaway!)

I’m so excited about this review and giveaway! I’m a Rebecca St. James fan from waaaay back and it’s been quite a while since she’s had anything new come out. This is her first studio project since 2005! And I’m telling you, it’s been so worth the wait! I Will Praise You by Rebecca St. […]

Little Star {Giveaway}

I am so excited to tell you about a new book to add to your Christmas book collection! It’s bound to become a part of your Christmas traditions! Little Star by Anthony DeStefano is written from the perspective of the stars preparing to compete to be the star that shines the brightest for the new […]

The Boy Who Changed The World…

While at Relevant, I had a chance to meet and mingle with AnnJanette and Abby from Tommy Nelson. As I was checking out their fabulous booth, I picked up a book called The Boy Who Changed the World. The title caught my attention, for obvious boy mom reasons, but as I flipped through the pages, I was captivated by […]