How to Take a Shower When Home Alone With a Baby

Most of us who stay home with the kids would hate to admit how often we are still in our pajamas in the afternoon…ahem. While I think “pajama days” are definitely one of the perks of being a stay at home mom, I’ve come to realize that I get more done on the days I shower before noon. Not to mention, I feel better. There’s something psychological that happens to me when I stay in my jammies too often. The funk sets in.

Before Asher came, it was easy. I’d turn on PBS for a few minutes and Jonah was occupied long enough for me to shower and get ready. Once Asher came, things got a little more tricky in the shower department. At first, big brother was NOT to be trusted. Jonah’s jealousy was so thick you could slice it. The boys needed a chaperone at all times. I learned my lesson one day when I left the room for a nanosecond and returned to a screaming baby and guilty preschooler. While much better, I’m still not confident in leaving them alone together for very long. Asher has also hit the stage where he notices if you leave him. And by “notices” I mean he cries.

So, what’s a mommy to do when a shower is needed, but you’re alone with a baby that needs to see you? You improvise. And somewhere between the “lightbulb moment” and the successful shower you realize that your all-time favorite tip for a new mommy was born.

How to Take a Shower When Home Alone With a Baby:

Stick the baby in something that will keep them safe and occupied. I currently use the bouncy seat.

Using a Binder Clip, clip the decorative shower curtain up so that you will be able to see the baby.

It should look something like this…

Hurry, break the record for the fastest shower ever before the baby starts crying! FYI: Shaving is out of the question.

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WFMW: Tumblr

I follow alot of blogs…like, seriously ALOT! It’s sorta ridiculous.

I used to click the star next to posts I liked and wanted to return to in my Google Reader. (You are using Google Reader to keep up with blogs, right?) The problem I found with that was that I haven’t gone back to look at them. Gasp!

Sooooo, one of my favorite things I have started doing is to share it on Tumblr. I’m using Tumblr as a bookmark of sorts. I’m sure there are other ways to use it, but for me it works this way. When I find something that I absolutely love, I post it to Tumblr using the handy-dandy button in my toolbar. Since I’m visual, I post a picture. By using the Tumblr toolbar, I don’t have to do much…Tumblr does it for me! With the click of a button, Tumblr will link to the blog post for me. I could be done at that point, but I usually add a tag to help me categorize it so I can find it later if I want.

The thing that is neat about Tumblr is that you can follow others and their posts show up in a “feed” for you. (Kinda like Facebook’s news feed) I follow my favorite preschool/homeschool bloggers and find the best ideas through them! Blogs that I normally wouldn’t be scanning, have popped up in my “feed” with the best ideas for “Mommy & Me” Time. So…while I may be too sick to post fun things that we’re doing…um cause we’re not doing much right now…I AM posting links on Tumblr to fabulous ideas!

I love Tumblr! It works for me!

Want to see some of the fun things I’ve found recently? Visit my Tumblr page! (Hint: click on the link that says “Archive” under my followers and you’ll see all of the pictures on one page. Then you can just click on one that interests you. Or, just scroll through them all!)

Want to see a better in-depth explanation of Tumblr? Visit Carisa! She says it better than I ever could…with screen shots!

WFMW: Updating Passwords Online

I’ve learned this tip the hard way this week—my personal email was hacked. There are seriously crazy circumstances….some you wouldn’t believe if I told you. I won’t go into details publicly for the safety of everyone involved, but let’s just say a hacker is richer somewhere in the world and I’ve talked to the FBI. (A note to my email hacker: Shame on you! How dare you!)

And now a public service announcement….

Update your online passwords…often! (And a whole bunch of other online password safety tips we’ve all heard a million times, but never allow to sink in because it seems like such a hassle.)

If you use Google Calendar, you can set up reminders for recurring tasks. Decide how often you want to update your passwords and set the reminder!

If you don’t use Google Calendar, do this task with another of recurring event in your life to automatically remind yourself….like when paying bills or making the budget. Write it on your calendar, your mirror, your forehead. Heck, get a tattoo if that will help. Do something…anything to help you remember!

Thanks for listening to my public service announcement….back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

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Toddler Chores

What I didn’t show you during my Mommy & Me:Rainbow Rice post

The easy way to clean-up: give your child the dustbuster and let them go to town!

Yep, works for me!