10 Random Thoughts on Vacation

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  1. What’s the point of cleaning before you leave? As soon as you return and the suitcase explodes, you’re back at square one.
  2. It is always 10 degrees hotter inside Disney World. The minute we stepped out of the park the temperature dropped atleast 10 degrees.
  3. I think I sweat more than the average woman. Seriously. It’s gross.
  4. It never failed. Jonah fell asleep on the ride to the hotel and woke up wide awake as I tried to put him in bed for a nap.
  5. Going to Disney World with an active, independent toddler can be interesting, challenging, frustrating, and then some.
  6. One of these days, Ray and I will go and ride the adult rides and skip the carousel.
  7. It CAN be done on a budget without feeling like you missed out on things! Woohoo!
  8. Sometimes you just have to break the “rules” and let your toddler go swimming after getting back from fireworks for 10 minutes to keep the peace. Besides, at the point, does it really matter anymore?
  9. It takes MUCH longer to get back to your hotel room from the park than you thought it would.
  10. Sleeping in my own bed rocks!

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  1. Patty Patterson says:

    Good advice! It does no good to clean before having guest arrive, either. I've learned to clean the bathrooms and pick up any toys the dog left in the floor, but sweeping, mopping, vaccuming and dusting can wait until the guest have left. It's either that or do it twice since the guest will be tracking in and it'll have to be done once they leave anyway.

  2. cute picture-hope you had a great time!!

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