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Teaching Jonah to pray

Our normal bedtime routine is as follows: bath immediately after dinner (he’s always so messy at meal times!) watch Backyardigans, play, read books, snuggle time brush teeth, change diaper one last time read from The Jesus Storybook Bible prayer time hugs &kisses Jonah tucked in bed We stick to this routine and Jonah is super […]

Thank you FedEx man…

Look what just came in the mail! My new business cards are finally here! I was so excited I forgot to take the plastic off of the stack of cards. Now I look “official”! Yay!

The Pillow-Padded Wagon

Meet Logan… No, I didn’t play with photo editing software…Yes, his eyes really are that beautiful in person. Logan is Jonah’s friend. The boys are a month apart. On average, Jonah and Logan play with each other atleast 4 times throughout the week between Church, small group Bible study, and Parents’ Day Out. They are […]

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Although I’m a former teacher with lots of opinions on when & how the best way to teach certain things to children, I’ve often wondered what was the best way to teach Jonah about the Lord and the Christian faith. I’ve often prayed, long before Ray and I were married, that God would guide me […]

I know it’s time for Fall when…

I can order “liquid pumpkin pie” with a shot of whipped cream on top. Thank you Starbucks for the delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte! (free with my last precious giftcard because even though I love you Starbucks, I can NOT pay $5 for a cup of coffee…no matter how good it is.) My weekend plans revolve […]

Creative Discovery Museum

Since Ray had some vacation days left that he needed to use before his busy season at work began, he took a week off and we’ve been tackling a a few projects to prep the basement to be finished–sealing the concrete blocks, cleaning out some junk, transferring all of my teacher stuff that I can’t […]

It’s Football Time…

in Tennessee!!!!Ray is literally counting down the minutes until we see the much anticipated first game of the season. We’re wearing our Orange and White and there was a crispness in the air this morning. Oh yes, it’s football time.