Creative Discovery Museum

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Since Ray had some vacation days left that he needed to use before his busy season at work began, he took a week off and we’ve been tackling a a few projects to prep the basement to be finished–sealing the concrete blocks, cleaning out some junk, transferring all of my teacher stuff that I can’t part with into plastic storage tubs to protect it better from the moisture in the basement, etc. That stuff has been a little time consuming and because of the nature of the work (paint fumes, chemicals, etc.) Jonah has been shuffled around a little bit this week….not that he would complain about being shuffled to Granny’s house 🙂 We had gotten to a “stopping point” (code words for running out of Drylock sealant) and decided to have a fun day with Jonah.

And yet another reason we love Chattanooga so much….The Creative Discovery Museum! This was our first time going and we had so much fun! We went early in the morning to avoid crowds and to allow ourselves plenty of time to play. It wasn’t crowded and we never had to wait for anything. Jonah basically led us through the museum. In public I am always so paranoid and consumed with not letting him break things that it felt great to back off and let Jonah free….because he is supposed to touch and explore everything there! Here’s a peek at our day:

Climbing in the “treehouse” area…
Playing in the water. Jonah’s favorite part!
Pretend play in the “Little Yellow House”. If only he would vacuum and cook for Mommy every single day…
Driving the car in the “Little Yellow House” Garage
Making the ball “levitate” over the air flow machine.
He thought this was fascinating!
I’m not sure who had more fun–Jonah or Daddy?

He loved this piano! He danced and played forever on this!
Looks like we might need to get him some piano lessons one day!

Jonah loved the Curious George exhibit! He found George hiding everywhere!

Riding in the chair powered by a pulley on the “Rooftop Factory”

Jonah and Mommy making fish faces…

It was a great day!
We can’t wait to go back!

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