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Me? Famous?

No, not really, but I did get noticed today by a local reader. It was kinda weird, exciting, and fun all at the same time! I guess I should include that it is a friend’s mother-in-law that clicks over from my her blog. We just happened to be at the same birthday party today. She called me by name, […]


Look what came in my mailbox today… and the other side… YAY!!! So, remember my Blessed Pillow Barter? Wasn’t this a great trade?!?!  I seriously feel like I got the better end of the deal. I will admit, I got a little teary-eyed when I opened my package. They are absolutely gorgeous! I want a […]

Blessed Pillow Barter

I entered a giveaway on a blog of a creative crafter recently. She contacted me to tell me that she’d be willing to barter her skills for mine. (You can see my new Sodderbug charms here! ) I quickly said YES! What a great way to get something I want without spending any money (remember, […]

Before I was a mother…

As Ray and I went on our Valentine’s Date Night, we were reminded of how much has changed since we had Jonah. Isn’t it amazing that this sweet little person can bring about so much change to our lives? Each new stage Jonah enters brings even more changes. While this list is not complete, here […]


Check out this post from Little Bit Funky. It’s like Crystal read my mind and put it into type. I’ve had a lot of crazy things said to me since my decision to resign from my teaching job to stay home with Jonah. I’ve been amazed at the thought process of our society when it […]

The Budget: Happy Brown House Style!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about how we do our budget here at the Happy Brown House. First, I guess I should tell you that this budgeting thing hasn’t always gone smoothly around here. When you take two different people with different backgrounds, thoughts, habits, and you dump all the funds […]

Words that Rhyme with Orange (MamaBuzz Review)

Fine Print: This is a MamaBuzz Review. I received this product free of charge from Ross King in exchange for an honest review of my opinion.