Disney Vero Beach Resort Recap

We’ve been back for a week from our vacation to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, but I’ve been so busy with the laundry, unpacking, and getting Jonah back to our normal routine that I haven’t posted about it. We had a wonderful time! There were no mishaps (unlike the previous vacation) and we truly felt relaxed. […]

Beach Pictures

The camera and computer finally communicated… “Where am I? I can’t see!” “I hate the sand! Someone come rescue me!” “Do we really have to stay on the beach? I want to go to the pool. I guess I’ll sit here and pout a while…” “Again Dada! Again!” “Yeah! I LOVE the pool!”

Three Years Ago…

we became Mr. & Mrs. Happy Brown House (ok, ok, so really it was Mr. & Mrs. of the dumpy duplex we fondly named the “dumplex”, but hey, we quickly moved on to bigger and better things)… Little did we know a year later we’d go to “and baby makes three” status… We’ve had our […]

A Little R & R

By the time you read this, we will hopefully be a few hours into our trip (atleast we’d better be). We’re headed to the beach for vacation with friends! I can’t wait to get my freshly pedicured feet in the sand, build sandcastles with Jonah, and take long walks on the beach hunting for the […]

A Day with Thomas the Train!

We played with choo–choos… Jonah got his first “tat”… We saw goats, rabbits, and chickens…Oh My! We talked to the conductor… We said “cheeeeese“…. We waved to the people at the depot. Jonah had a great time! We were impressed with how much there was to do! The train station really went all out for […]

Easter 2009

Here’s a quick recap of our Easter festivities: Church (Sara sang in the choir) Pictures with family Lunch at O’Charley’s with the Crawley’s (our adopted family) Jonah refusing to nap Sara baked a cake…Yum! Dying Eggs and playing with cars left by the easter bunny Dinner and egg hunt It was a wonderful day! Celebrating […]

A Tisket, A Tasket…

Jonah and his friends at Parents’ Day Out had a fun little Easter egg hunt yesterday. Jonah was so excited about carrying his basket. He thought the eggs were balls and instead of putting them in his basket when he found them, he threw them. He quickly got the hang of it. His friend Addyson […]

My Cup Runneth Over…

A new mother dreams of the day she will hear the sweetest phrase on earth, “I love you, Mama.” I’ve been waiting with anticipation, maybe with more anticipation than the first word. As Jonah has grown and accomplished milestones I’ve become anxious for the time he would express feelings for others. I’ve prayed that Jonah […]

We have created a monster…

Tonight was Girls Night Out with some ladies from church, so Ray and Jonah had some father/son time while I enjoyed some girl talk. Ray took Jonah to McDonalds and then to Toys-R-Us to redeem a coupon for a FREE Thomas Engine (worth $12.99–Thank you Toys-R-Us!). While Ray was looking for the train, Jonah kept […]

A Trip to Florida (Part 2)

Jonah loved playing with the big boys. As a matter of fact, he thinks he’s a big boy. Uncle Joseph and Uncle David played ball with Jonah and had lots of patience when he ran away with the basketball during the game. He definitely kept them on their toes!Ray and Uncle David were playing catch […]