Jonah Says… {Mother’s Day Card Edition}

Jonah came home with a Mother’s Day card from church yesterday. Besides the expected fun answers like my age (1 years old) or my desired occupation when I grow up (Ballet Dancer), these sort of questionnaires can be so revealing. For example, Jonah’s answer to the second question “My favorite thing to do with my […]

Jonah says…

“Asher, you’re my best friend.” It’s happening. Slowly, but surely these boys are becoming brothers. Melts. my. heart.

Jonah says…

“College cheese is on sale, Mom.” (AKA: Cottage Cheese) “Look, Mom, it’s 11:25!” (Lucky guess. He adds “20” in front of all the numbers on a clock.) “I’m on safari!” Gosh, I love this silly boy!

Blame it on Frosty

I investigated further into the hilarious Leaf Daddy/Pipe thing from Jonah’s Leaf Family Portrait. Frosty the Snowman, the lovable, magical guy we all know and love is to blame. Specifically, his corn-cob pipe. And thanks to Leaf Mommy, I got the video to load for you…she’s one smart cookie 🙂 Enjoy! (Having trouble viewing the […]

Leaf Family Portrait {and commentary from Jonah}

We’ve been having a blast at the Happy Brown House with some of our favorite Fall/Leaf books, specifically Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. It’s lead to quite a few activities–most of which you can read about over at Totally Tots today! But because I love you, dear readers, and feel like you might need a […]

Jonah Says…

Jonah:  “When does Ethiopia open in the morning? I’m ready to go get my baby.” Mommy: “Me too, buddy. Me too.” Unfortunately, our adoption journey has only begun. It will be a while. Plus, there’s this whole surprise pregnancy thing we’ve got going on. Yep, it will be a while, but the wait is so […]

Jonah says…

Mommy: “Jonah, do you want us to get a boy or a girl from Ethiopia?” Jonah: “I want a girl” Mommy: “I thought you said you wanted a brother? Did you change your mind?” Jonah: “Well…I want a boy AND a girl. We can get a whole bunch of babies, Mommy. That would be fun. […]

Jonah says…

“You’re crackin’ me up, Momma!” 

The Art of Bedtime Stalling

I knew it was inevitable, but I didn’t know when to expect it to start. Apparently, the time has come. Little by little Jonah has started bedtime stalling. He’s good…very good. He’s so good that we didn’t even catch on to his tactics at first! Tonight’s bedtime stalling tactics included: singing an extra made-up song, trying to […]

Jonah says…

“What is all this junk in here? You made a mess!”(We painted the last 2 days and had to move some things out of their normal place into a pile. Apparently, it bothered Jonah to have things out of place.)