A Trip to Florida (Part 1)

We decided to hop in the van and drive to Florida to visit family for a few days. We left Chattanooga Friday afternoon, hit Atlanta during rush-hour (ugh!), and finally stopped in Valdosta for the night. Saturday morning we got up and ate the most impressive continental breakfast we’ve ever seen…make-it-yourself waffles, biscuits & gravy, […]

Weekend Fun

This weekend was absolutely wonderful! Warm weather allowed us to get out of the house Friday afternoon and have a pizza picnic with friends and lots of playground time. Jonah had a blast at the playground. He figured out how to climb up every ladder, but one and repeated the the climb & slide process […]

A Visit from Lori & Jim

Tonight Ray’s cousin Lori and her husband Jim came over to visit and see Jonah. It’s been quite a while since they’ve seen him and believe it or not the little booger was shy for the first part of the visit. He warmed up eventually and was climbing all over Jim and exploring the pocket […]

No Fear

As I sit here typing this, Jonah is climbing to the top of the coach (you know, the backrest part) and sliding down. He lands with a thud, giggles, and does it again. (But wait! Don’t call the police and tell them I’m neglecting Jonah…Ray is sitting on the couch with his super-fast reflexes at […]

18 Months

I just love this picture! Jonah made it clear that he wanted to have both cups (I gave him a choice) and proceeded to carry both of them around and drink from them. He is becoming so funny! Today we took Jonah for his 18 month check-up. He’s grown! At one point Jonah was in […]

I am THAT mom…

The first playdate was such a success that my friend Krista and I decided to take the kids to the toddler playground at the mall and eat a little Chick-fil-a lunch. So off we went, and the kids had a blast! Jonah was feeling especially brave today and headed straight for the slide. Instead of […]

Winter Wonderland…sorta

The weatherman actually got it right today…sorta. They missed the part about 2 inches, but then again, they have a large area they’re covering so maybe somebody out there got 2 inches…but we didn’t, unfortunately. The weather reports said it would start with rain and turn to snow. While we were at Parent’s Day Out […]

Letting Go…

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a little while, their hearts forever.” This quote was swirling around in my head this week as I watched Jonah take a step closer to growing up. In true Sara fashion, I have enjoyed bumming around the house in my pajamas too much lately. And now that Ray is […]

I wanna bite…

Anyone that’s been around Jonah knows he’s a great eater…we have been so blessed! Peas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pineapple, you name it…he’ll eat it! (The only thing he doesn’t like so far are hot dogs. WEIRD.) The other little thing about Jonah and eating…he begs…like a dog. It’s pretty funny. Any time Ray or […]

Little Dancin’ Machine

Jonah loves music these days! Any time the radio or tv plays a catchy tune you can find him shakin’ and a groovin’! We thought you might like a sample of the little dancin’ machine…