A Trip to Florida (Part 2)

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Jonah loved playing with the big boys. As a matter of fact, he thinks he’s a big boy. Uncle Joseph and Uncle David played ball with Jonah and had lots of patience when he ran away with the basketball during the game. He definitely kept them on their toes!Ray and Uncle David were playing catch and Jonah in all of his egocentric glory didn’t quite understand how it works. He spent a lot of time running back and forth whining and yelling “BALL” only to have to turn around and run back. He would eventually get a turn, but he got a good workout and slept better that night! Jonah loved playing with Uncle Joseph. We tried to get Jonah to say “Joe” to make it easier for him to say, but it kept coming out “Coe“. Not sure how he got that, but it stuck the whole time. Even now as I’m posting this, Jonah is pointing and saying “Coe“. Joseph was a good sport about it. I also have to brag a little…my brothers are much younger than me, so we haven’t really spent a lot of time together, but I’m so proud of what Joseph is becoming. He’s really matured recently and was great with Jonah. He was patient and engaged Jonah in meaningful play. He even did a great job of looking out for potential hazards and payed attention to our active little one. Wish he lived closer so he could babysit (sigh). (No, Dad, we’re not moving so stop asking! Ha! Ha!)

Uncle David was the perfect wrestling match for Jonah. Looks like Jonah won!

Cuddlin‘ with Uncle “Coe“…
Jonah and PawPaw

So, I just realized that Grandma escaped all of the pictures–SORRY! Here, I’ll post one from Thanksgiving so she doesn’t feel left out…

We had a good visit. The trip in the van home was not a highlight…a grumpy toddler is not a fun traveling companion, but we made it home. We made sure to stop plenty of times and let Jonah get out and run around and we are so thankful for the DVD player in our van! We watched Cars atleast 6 times, probably more. Jonah has definitely found a new favorite–I tried to change the movie to Finding Nemo and he wouldn’t have it. He kept saying “I want Car” over and over until I changed it back….I can now quote the movie word for word in my sleep.

Now, I love a vacation just as much as any other person, but there’s something about coming home from a vacation that I love even more. I have my own comfortable bed, my crafts/projects to work on whenever I feel like, freedom with the thermostat setting……I guess Jonah feels the same way because he immediately went back on his sleep schedule without so much as a whimper. Ahhh…a full nights sleep…something we didn’t have on vacation because he slept in the same room with us and he knew it. Home Sweet Home!

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  1. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says:

    Too bad it wasn’t last week. You could have stopped here on your way to FL and I SURE would have given you free lodging. Now that would have been an intoduction to the triple coupons. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    And I would have won that wrestling match, if Jonah hadn’t aplied a half nelson on me. See you later. bye


  3. DVD players in the van….I’ll bet Granny and Papaw would have loved something like that when we were kids! I’m sure Ray and I were annoying and whiney. Well, I wasn’t whiney, but Ray was…..

    Glad y’all had fun!

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