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Children’s Museum of Sebring

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Even though my dad lives in a small Florida town with the majority of the population being senior citizens, there is a small, but charming children’s museum. What a great find for us!

I loved that it was a community effort. Each “exhibit” was sponsored by businesses in the community. For instance, the building exhibit was sponsored by a local building company. The Fire Hall exhibit was sponsored by the Fire & Rescue Squad. The Grocery Store exhibit was sponsored by Publix (my favorite place to shop!)The museum was operated mainly by volunteers. It just goes to show that when communities come together you can have great things available no matter the size of the town!








I have to say that as a former Kindergarten teacher I was impressed. Even though lots of things were handmade, they did a great job of addressing the needs of children. One of my teacher pet-peeves was addressed and there was lots of environmental print for the children to interact with! Well done Children’s Museum of Sebring! We had a great morning exploring!

Sharing is caring!