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We had our Homestudy visit today. It went well. During the visit, our caseworker wanted to talk to Jonah and ask some questions about his thoughts on the adoption...she got quite an earful! We told him not to be shy when she came and he didn't seem to hold back. In true little boy fashion, he wanted to show her every toy he owned...even opening the closets that she didn't ask to see into. Thankfully, I have nothing to hide 🙂

Hopefully the paperwork will be ready by the end of the month and we can proceed with the next step--Fingerprinting and Preparing our Dossier to Ethiopia. We will also begin fundraising. We're still exploring fundraising options and asking the Lord to reveal how He wants to fund His calling for our family. Several of the matching grants we are considering require a copy of your homestudy for the application process or else we'd have already started!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! We felt them!

Homestudy...Check! Next stop...Fingerprinting!

Sharing is caring!


Monday 11th of July 2011

I'm so glad to hear this went well! I'm keeping up with your journey as I feel it's so similar to mine (planned to begin adoption paperwork when the husband returns in Sept. only to have to tell him 6 weeks after he left that we're pregnant... and we still want to adopt!). It feels very overwhelming at times, with this being our first and knowing how much that will change things. Can't wait to hear more as you continue on this journey! And do be sure to let us all know how we can help!


Monday 11th of July 2011

Ok, first, Congratulations! I'm pretty sure I didn't know you were pregnant...or I forgot, forgive me, if that is the case! We're planning on fundraising and I'm frantically working behind the scenes sewing so I can re-open my Etsy shop. (I had to close it during my sickness) Right now, the most important thing is to pray for us! Pray over our paperwork and that God would provide....because He is going to have to this financially. It's one of those things that makes no sense on paper....we definitely don't have $30,000 sitting around!

Anna Baker

Sunday 3rd of July 2011

Sara, It was so nice to meet your family in Sebring and hear about your adoption journey. I pray for the Lord's guidance and peace for you as you add two more of God's children to your home.


Sunday 3rd of July 2011

Thank you Anna! So glad you found me on the web, now we can keep up with each other's journey! Keep us posted on your referral!

Kara @ The Chuppies

Tuesday 21st of June 2011

Boy does this bring back a flood of memories...our kids gave "incredible" answers to all the homestudy questions...have no clue how we passed :) And we failed the fingerprinting...showed we had a criminal record...apparently they'd hired a temp. at the criminal record office and it was all a big mix up...but not before a period of MAJOR panic. :) All that to His His time. Two adoptions later...I'm convinced of that. Rejoicing with you that you've made major progress in the process....I GREAT that feels! Really happy for you... :)

martha brady

Wednesday 15th of June 2011

glad your homestudy went well:) unless you have a huge skeleton in your closet, i'm guessing the fingerprinting will go well.


Tuesday 14th of June 2011

Hurray! Doesn't it feel so good to check that off the list? We will lift you and your family up in prayer. Have no worries God will not let you down....he has a plan! Hugs, Wendy