Letter Tiles Spelling Mats

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Letter Tiles Spelling Mats free printable colors, numbers, and shapes

I’ve got a treat for you today! I’ve put together a printable pack of spelling mats to go with the our favorite letter tiles that are perfect for preschool or kindergarten kids.

What’s in the Letter Tiles Spelling Mats Pack?

Combined, this printable pack is 27 pages long. Inside you’ll find spelling mats for color words, number words, and shape words. Each set has letter matching (one-to-one correspondence), beginning letter matching, and blank templates. The blank templates can be used in a variety of ways: spelling practice, handwriting practice, stamping the letters, and anything else you can come up with!

Letter Tile Page (Color Words)

Spelling Mat Ideas

  • Print on cardstock and laminate them for durability
  • To avoid child frustration, gather the letter tiles needed ahead of time.
  • Hide letter tiles in rice,sand,beans,etc. and let your child hunt for them while spelling
  • Place letters in a “feely bag” for an element of surprise
  • Hide the letters needed around the room and let the kids hunt for them
  • For active kids, place letters in a bucket at the opposite side of the room. Let kids race to the bucket, choose a letter, and race back to find the match on the spelling mat.
  • Have kids tell you the name of the letter before they can place it on the mat.

Letter Tile Spelling Mats (Number Words)

Ready to get it?

The Letter Tiles Spelling Mats are FREE for blog subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can subscribe by email.Β  There are more Letter Tiles Spelling Mats in the works, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Happy printing!

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  3. I just signed up for your web page. I can’t seem to find the download link for the letter tile mats. Help please!

    • Hi Debra! Thank you for subscribing! The download link is at the bottom of the blog post emails that go out each morning. Since you’ve missed today’s email, it will be in the next post that goes out. I’ll go ahead and email you a link so you can download and print today.

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    Thank You!

  5. Hi i am new subscriber,
    I would like a copy of the Letter Tiles Spelling Mats.


  6. Hi. I do not see a download. Can you please email it to me? thanks

  7. Dont see the the download for the letter tiles just joined today!

  8. Lesa Kleckner says:

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  9. Gina Arkell says:

    I signed up a few days ago, but haven’t gotten an email with the link to the mats. Should one be coming soon?

  10. I love the idea of spelling mats! They make spelling seem like a game.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  11. I just subscribed and would love to have these but don’t have the link!

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  12. Hi not sure how to get the mats? I just added my email

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  16. Would love to use these! Please send me the link. I love this idea.

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  18. I just subscribed. How can I find the link to the spelling mats?

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    I tired adding you to my RSS on My Yahoo! because it says you are no longer allowing email updates, but I’m still not able to access the download. I’ve check my My Yahoo feed & the bottom of this blog page. Help? =)

    • Hi Sara! I am so sorry. I switched email subscription services and I forgot to switch out the link in the post! Here is the link for signing up through email. It will send you a welcome email with a download link. http://eepurl.com/OwZJH

      • Thanks for the quick response!! =)
        May start blogging eventually, but haven’t added that to my plate yet, so I appreciate this option. I’m more likely to see the information!!

  20. I just subscribed…but I don’t see the link. Did I miss something?? Sorry for the bother!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Hi, thanks for the download. I did receive it, however I mostly wanted the blank template, and I do not see it anywhere in the file. Help?

    • Hi Jennifer, the blank templates are not completely blank. There is a progression of each of the spelling tile mats: letter matching, beginning sounds, and then spelling from memory. They are all included in this packet.

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    • Hi Beth! Yes, this is still available to subscribers. A link is in the bottom of the blog post emails that show up in your inbox whenever I post. There is also a link when you subscribe. Hope that helps!

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    • Tammy~Did you confirm your subscription? Once you confirm your subscription in the email sent to you, it will give you a download link. Also, it is at the bottom of every blog post email that comes to you when I post. Let me know if you still need help.

  29. When I downloaded the file there were no letters on any of the pages. My comp does this when I don’t have that particular font installed. What font was used for these letter mats?

  30. Hi, Melissa,

    I am so sorry, but I don’t see the link either. Please would you e-mail it to me? Thanks so much!

    Carla M.

    • ackkkk! Sara!! so sorry! I was talking and typing to someone and clearly can NOT multi-task…I typed her name! I apologize. Oh, Calgon….take me AWAY!!!

  31. Crystal Dean says:

    Hey there! I’m a new subscriber. I can not find where to download these letter tile mats at. Can you help please? πŸ™‚

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