Poor Man’s Turtles Tutorial

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I have a few goodies I like to make every Christmas. One of these is “Poor Man’s Turtles” My friend Dee taught me how to make these and since she doesn’t blog, I’m sharing it with you. These are super quick to make and are always a hit at gatherings! This recipe is perfect for kids to help with!
You will need:
Pretzel minis or snaps (the pretzel squares pictured)
Caramel Hershey’s Kisses
Pecan Halves
Spread your pretzels on a cookie pan in a single layer.
Unwrap Caramel Hershey’s Kisses and place on top of the pretzels. (This is by far the most tedious part. You could let your kids help with this part if they are able to unwrap the candy.)
Place the pan in a preheated oven for less than a minute. (Mine was preheated to 400 degrees from dinner, so I only had to place my pan in for around 30 seconds.) Watch the chocolate closely. If it looks like it is starting to get soft take the pan out and test it.
Place the pecans onto the Hershey’s Kisses. Don’t push too hard–you don’t want the caramel to squeeze out and make a mess.
Let the turtles cool. Enjoy!

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  1. So yum! I saw something like this with rolos instead of kisses. And so easy to make with little ones! Thanks!

  2. I love these; so good, they're addicting. They also work with Junior Caramels.

  3. Sometimes, when we want things a little more colorful, we top these with M&M’s instead of pecans. And, as mentioned, Rolos work as well as regular kisses. Fun activity to do with the kids!

  4. These are my fave! And the other yummy way to do them is with a rolo instead of a hershey kiss (rolos are a little bit bigger, I think.) OR to do a hershey kiss (one of those hugs or christmas flavors is yum) and an m&m on top. SO CHRISTMASy! Love it!

    • Yes, yes and yes! The m&m’s add a little color for the holidays! When I made these I couldn’t find rolos in a big bag only the small package. And now I feel the need to go make some again….

  5. Wow-You are just full of yummy looking desserts!


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