Recommended Resources for Letter Tile Spelling Mats

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The Letter Tile Spelling Mats are our most popular printables for beginning readers. Each setĀ of Letter Tile Spelling Mats are designed to expose young learners to theme vocabulary words, letter matching, beginning sounds, and spelling practice. The printablesĀ are perfect for kids in PreK-1st grade, but any beginning reader will benefit from the word work.

Each set of Letter Tile Spelling Mats includes three versions:
1. Vocabulary words with pictures
2. Beginning sounds page
3. Blank letter tile spaces with picture prompts

Ideas for use:
1. One-to-one letter matching
2. Fill-in-the-blank beginning sounds
3. Use ABC Stamps to fill in the missing letters
4. Laminate and use dry erase markers to write the missing letters
5. Place in the writing center for theme vocabulary cards with picture prompts for emerging readers.

Recommended Resources:

The following items are what I personally use with the Letter Tile Spelling Mats for my own children. *Affiliate links*

Eureka Tub Of Letter Tiles

Lowercase Alphabet Stamps

Uppercase Alphabet Stamps

Scotch Laminator

Laminating Pouches

Dry Erase Markers

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  1. Tina Blanchard says:

    I’m a licensed in home provider and want to help my group learning their names using letter tiles. How can I make (program) letter tile cards for their individual names?

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