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Editable Cleaning Chore Cards for Kids


These Editable Cleaning Chore Cards for Kids include everything needed to clean the home with your child's help. Simply print, laminate, and place on a ring for flippable chore task cards. Organize your child's chores with step-by-step task cards and lower mom's nagging. What a lifesaver!

This is a digital file.  A physical product will not be shipped. All digital products are non-refundable.


When you purchase, you'll get a digital file with Editable Cleaning Chore Cards for Kids. This item is a companion to the Editable Chore Chart for Kids. You can buy them separately or in a bundle. To purchase the bundle, please visit the Editable Chore Cards & Chart Bundle page.

Chore cards on ring square

In the chore kit, you'll find chore cards with step-by-step directions for each chore around the house.

These chore cards are divided by room:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen & Dining Room

For each room of the house, there are five or more chores that kids can do, totaling 25 chores. Then, you'll see another page just like it with editable spots so you can change the wording if you choose. Plus, there are four blank editable chore cards so you can make your own! Ideas for these EDITABLE cards include feeding pets and self-care tasks like brushing teeth. The possibilities with the editable cards are endless!

Here is a video preview of the cards and directions for how to edit them.

Also included in the chore cards, are labels for each of the rooms and EDITABLE cards to label with your child's name. Several color combinations are included to suit your own child's color preference.

name cards

You will find that these cards are easy to read, clear, and concise with real-life pictures of the tools children will be using to complete the tasks. These visual reminders are great for kids of all ability levels and will, hopefully, lower the amount of reminders parents have to give to complete the chores. The visual cues and easy text are also beneficial to special needs children that need these extra supports.

cleaning checklist materials

Ideas for use:

  • Print, laminate, hole punch in the top left corner, and place on a ring sorted by room. This will allow the kids to flip to the next card when they are finished with a task.
  • Print, laminate, hole punch in the top left corner, and choose specific chore cards for your child. Use the editable name label and make your child their own personal chore list.
  • Print, laminate, and place a magnet on the back. Modify this to your needs for your child's weekly chores. This is great for children with only a few chores or for special needs children to remove the chore card when they are done.

*Please note: you will need to use the computer to edit these in Adobe Reader. They cannot be edited using a tablet, Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program.

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