How to Take a Shower When Home Alone With a Baby

Most of us who stay home with the kids would hate to admit how often we are still in our pajamas in the afternoon…ahem. While I think “pajama days” are definitely one of the perks of being a stay at home mom, I’ve come to realize that I get more done on the days I […]

WFMW: Tumblr

I follow alot of blogs…like, seriously ALOT! It’s sorta ridiculous. I used to click the star next to posts I liked and wanted to return to in my Google Reader. (You are using Google Reader to keep up with blogs, right?) The problem I found with that was that I haven’t gone back to look […]

WFMW: Updating Passwords Online

I’ve learned this tip the hard way this week—my personal email was hacked. There are seriously crazy circumstances….some you wouldn’t believe if I told you. I won’t go into details publicly for the safety of everyone involved, but let’s just say a hacker is richer somewhere in the world and I’ve talked to the FBI. (A note to my […]

Toddler Chores

What I didn’t show you during my Mommy & Me:Rainbow Rice post… The easy way to clean-up: give your child the dustbuster and let them go to town! Yep, works for me!