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Ribbon Tag Blanket Tutorial

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You can buy Ribbon Tag Blankets in the store, but I figure, why buy one when I can make it with things I already have in my craft stash? Seriously, I already had all of the materials. So for me, this project was FREE~my favorite kind of project!

Ribbon Tag Blanket


  • 12x12" square of Minky fabric (can also use fleece, flannel, or other soft fabric)
  • 12x12" square of Satin fabric
  • Various ribbon strips cut approximately 2-3" long
  • thread
  • sewing machine


1.) Cut your fabric. I like to use a 12x12" square for a "lovey" or snuggle blanket. (Optional: If you have an embroidery machine, this would be the best time to stitch the monogram.)

2.) Cut your ribbon. I don't measure exactly, just make sure you have atleast 2-3" inch pieces.

3.) Fold ribbon pieces in half to form a loop. Leaving a small amount hanging over the edge, pin the ribbon around the edges of the main fabric. The loop should be facing the inside of the square. (By leaving a little hanging over the edge, we will be sewing over the ribbon at two different points to ensure they stay inside the blanket.)

4.) Tack down the ribbon loops with your sewing machine.

5.) Place the other fabric pieces right-sides-together. If you are using Minky and Satin as I did, pin very well! The minky and satin will slide around as you sew. Also, minky has lots of stretch to it. If you don't pin well, it will be very wonky!

6.) Leaving a 3 inch opening, sew around the edges. (Leaving an opening is important!)
7.) Clip corners.

8.) Turn the fabric right side out. Push out the corners.
9.) Pin the hole shut and topstitch around the edges.

10.) Admire your work. Give to a little one to snuggle.

Ribbon Tage Blanket 2

Asher is still too young to appreciate the soothing powers of a tag blanket, but isn't he cute?

Sharing is caring!

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Monday 27th of February 2012

I just made this as my first sewing project and love how it turned out! Thanks for the helpful tutorial :)


Monday 27th of February 2012

Wonderful! So glad to hear it was helpful!


Friday 10th of February 2012

He's adorable!!! And he looks so small next to the taggie blanket


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

I should do a comparison pic now!

Kara @ The Chuppies

Friday 23rd of September 2011

Oh how I love this!!! When Lydi was born, I bought several-not-near-so-nice off of ebay and I was so thankful I found them in multiples...because I can have one in the wash, one in use, one in the car...etc. She LOVES her "nigh-nights". This one is especially cute...the blanket...but even more your new little one :)