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Morning Sickness On Steroids

Hello there…any chance you remember me? Let’s see…since we last spoke (you know I consider these posts conversations, right?) we’ve had some excitement around the Happy Brown House. Ok, so excitement probably isn’t the correct term, but it has been, shall we say…“eventful“ around our house. For me, pregnancy brings nausea–not just the “throw-up-and-move-on-with-my-day” kind […]

His Ways, Not My Ways

If I had gotten to choose, I would’ve been pregnant 2.5 years ago. My Ways God had different plans. Instead He made me wait and wait and wait…. while He stirred our hearts and showed us the depraved indifference that had taken root. And we said YES with open arms… to an orphan to our […]

Love Mercy

I’ve been blogging my little heart out–Only you haven’t seen any of the posts….and my blog has been a little neglected lately. It’s for a good reason. I’ve partnered up with Kristen from We Are THAT Family and Eryn from Mamahall to help behind the scenes with an online auction to benefit The Mercy House. […]

Mommy & Me: Computer Games for Tots

Jonah’s been sick the past few days, which means there’s been a little too much television. While there’s nothing wrong with a show here and there, I’m not a big fan of him sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. He’s wanted to sit in my lap quite a bit, so I […]


Photo Credit: Ken Wilcox via Flickr Allow me to be honest for a moment… The financial part of adoption has me completely overwhelmed. It’s a crazy-big number with lots of zeroes.  And yet, I am confident that God will provide with His holy calling. But sometimes, deep down in my soul, I question where all […]

Adoption FAQ #3: Why Don’t You Just Foster Adopt?

When we talk about adopting, the conversation usually goes like this… “There are soooo many children that need families in America. Have you thought about Fostering-to-Adopt?” Then I have to decide which answer to give…Usually I go with the long answer, but wish I was brave enough to say the short. ________________________________________________________ Short Answer: There […]