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2014 Back-to-Homeschool Photos

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It's hard to believe I'm starting my third year "officially" homeschooling! I've been working on planning and getting familiar with our 2014 curriculum for a while (hello, tax returns), but I just didn't have the heart to pull the kids away from summer yet. Well, that, and we're still finding our new normal after an emergency adoption and a basement renovation. After taking a quick weekend retreat with some iHomeschool Network bloggers, I'm finally ready to get settled into our daily homeschool routine and space.

Every year I share our Back-to-Homeschool photos, and this year is no different. I love looking back and seeing how much they've grown over the years!


Jonah just turned 7 over the summer and will be in Second Grade. He loves building with Legos, reading, and playing baseball. He's peeked at the curriculum box and is excited that this year we will learn about Vikings, Native Americans, and Settlers. Jonah enjoys history, geography, and science so I'm anticipating our discussions as we study things he's excited about--his excitement is contagious.

Asher 2014


Asher is about to turn 3 in a few weeks and will be our Tot School/Homeschool Sidekick. He loves trains, cars, and has a slight obsession with puzzles. He knows all of the ABC's and I'll be working on introducing letter sounds and numbers to him. Asher can be mischievous and strong-willed, but is motivated to be a part of the action. He will be involved with some of our hands-on projects, crafts, and, of course, our read-alouds.

Back to Homeschool 2014

Here's to another great homeschool year!

I'm linking up with the 6th Annual Not Back-to-School Hop with iHomeschool Network.


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Monday 18th of August 2014

You have a great looking family Sara! Personally, I love some sparkle myself.