Jonah Says…

On the way to Parent’s Day Out… Jonah: “Trevor a bad boy.” Mommy: “What makes Trevor a bad boy?” Jonah: “He’s loud.” Mommy: “Is Jonah a bad boy?” Jonah: “No, Jonah a good boy and Andrew a good boy. Trevor a bad boy. He’s loud.”    

Stitches by Sara: Coffee Cozies

Meet the Coffee Cozy… Want to save the planet in style? Jazz up your java! This coffee cozy is lined to protect your hands from the warm cup. Designer fabric has been chosen to give your coffee a one-of-a-kind look so no one will pick up your coffee by mistake! An elastic band and button […]

The Perfect Accessory…

Jonah got some new boots…he thinks they are the perfect accessory for jeans, pajamas, or a size 4 diaper and a Diego bandaid. You can never go wrong with the perfect pair of boots!

Creative Discovery Museum

Since Ray had some vacation days left that he needed to use before his busy season at work began, he took a week off and we’ve been tackling a a few projects to prep the basement to be finished–sealing the concrete blocks, cleaning out some junk, transferring all of my teacher stuff that I can’t […]

Feeding the Ducks

One of our favorite local Soddy Daisy restuarants is Steve’s Landing. They have the best queso dip and onion rings! Steve’s sits right on the lake and has outdoor seating for you if you want to dock your boat and walk up in your bathing suit. During the summer it is a pretty busy place! […]

Jonah says…

“I love corns!” Jonah has upgraded to eating corn off the cob instead of mommy cutting it off for him… Here at the Happy Brown House, we are squeezing out every last drop of summer…

Our Little Cuddlebug

Jonah & DaddyAugust 2007 One thing we love about Jonah is that he loves to cuddle…always has. Last night as we were getting him to wind down for bed, he was going back and forth between mommy and daddy-cuddling for a minute, giving a kiss, and then just as we’d get settled…it was time to […]

Pasta…It’s to “dye” for!

What do you do when your pantry is full of pasta and you still have coupons to get more pasta for 30 cents a box? You dye it! Easy-Peasy Dyed Pasta Tutorial Materials: fun-shaped pasta rubbing alcohol food coloring -Place pasta in a plastic bag -Pour a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into the bag […]

Jonah’s 2nd Sesame Street Birthday Party

Just wanted to show some highlights of Jonah’s 2nd birthday….I made the flag pennant for the table (it was super, super easy and took only a few minutes) A close up of the cupcakes I made…Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, oreo mouth, piped icing for the rest. Super […]

It’s gotta be a fluke…

I’ll spare you the pictures…but we’re excited at the Happy Brown House! We’ve not “officially” been trying to potty-train because I didn’t think he was ready, but occasionally Jonah will sit on the potty for a few seconds and we’ve talked about it lots. Tonight before his bath, I suggested he sit on the potty. […]