VeggieTales Live!

One thing is for sure, Happy Brown House┬áloves VeggieTales! Bob, Larry, Junior, Madame Blueberry….you name ’em, we love ’em! One of the biggest surprises from my trip to Relevant was meeting Shannon from Big Idea and getting the chance to go see VeggieTales Live! We were so excited! I tried to keep it a secret […]


Allow me to introduce you to the┬ábane of my existence… No silly, not Ray….look a little closer…. Um, yeah. The sling. Ray had surgery on his rotator cuff a few weeks ago. I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard doing everything myself. Even the little things, the things that I’ve taken for granted that […]

Cute Crab Applique Ribbon Ruffle Shirts x 3

I had a custom order this week that was absolutely adorable! (I know I say that about every order, but seriously, this one is my favorite to date.) The set of cousins will look adorable at the beach when they go eat crab!    Doesn’t it make you want to head to the beach and […]

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 2

Remember yesterday when I told you about my freezer cooking prep for hamburger? Well, I do the same thing for chicken. When I see chicken on sale, I snatch up enough to last  a while. There are two different ways I have prepped my chicken in the past. Stick it in a crockpot (this works […]

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 1

When I teach classes on my “Crazy Couponing”, I am often asked how I save money on meat. Simple: I buy meat when it is the lowest price available…and I buy a lot of it! The next question usually is “What do you do with it/How do you keep it from going bad?” Ahhh, it’s […]