Love With a Side of Grace

Over the past week, I’ve been reminded to choose love and grace. And it’s becoming a mantra for me as I struggle to choose the unnatural, “Choose love. Choose grace. You can never go wrong when you choose these things.” Because it isn’t natural to choose these things. Sin makes it impossible for Love and […]

Parking Lot Game Updates

Oooh, have I got a treat for you today! I’m so giddy about this that I’m doing a little jig on the other side of my computer screen! Want to happy dance with me? After the Parking Lot Game was posted, I felt like there was something missing and it wasn’t “just right”. So, I […]

His Ways, Not My Ways

If I had gotten to choose, I would’ve been pregnant 2.5 years ago. My Ways God had different plans. Instead He made me wait and wait and wait…. while He stirred our hearts and showed us the depraved indifference that had taken root. And we said YES with open arms… to an orphan to our […]

Jonah’s First Christmas Program Performance

As I was cleaning off one of my cameras yesterday, I realized I never shared Jonah’s First Christmas Program Performance. I know some of you out there probably could care less about this video, but I do have an obligation to share this with the grandparents. Although, if you were to watch it, you’d get […]

Christmas Snow 2010

It’s a very rare thing for us to have snow on Christmas. Imagine how excited we were to get enough snow to play in on Christmas Day! Look at how beautiful our Happy Brown House looked in the snow… Jonah was all smiles as we played outside. He was practically diving in the snow, much […]

The Masks We Wear

As I started seeing the costumes and candy corn grace the shelves of Target, I heard a soul-whisper. Accompanied by a cupped hand and straining to make out the hushed voice that tickles the ear, “What are you hiding behind?” I ponder these words, rolling them around like dice in my hand. Examining them. Counting the dots. […]

VeggieTales Live!

One thing is for sure, Happy Brown House loves VeggieTales! Bob, Larry, Junior, Madame Blueberry….you name ’em, we love ’em! One of the biggest surprises from my trip to Relevant was meeting Shannon from Big Idea and getting the chance to go see VeggieTales Live! We were so excited! I tried to keep it a secret […]


Allow me to introduce you to the bane of my existence… No silly, not Ray….look a little closer…. Um, yeah. The sling. Ray had surgery on his rotator cuff a few weeks ago. I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard doing everything myself. Even the little things, the things that I’ve taken for granted that […]

Cute Crab Applique Ribbon Ruffle Shirts x 3

I had a custom order this week that was absolutely adorable! (I know I say that about every order, but seriously, this one is my favorite to date.) The set of cousins will look adorable at the beach when they go eat crab!    Doesn’t it make you want to head to the beach and […]

Freezer Cooking Prep-Part 2

Remember yesterday when I told you about my freezer cooking prep for hamburger? Well, I do the same thing for chicken. When I see chicken on sale, I snatch up enough to last  a while. There are two different ways I have prepped my chicken in the past. Stick it in a crockpot (this works […]