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Choo! Choo!

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We've been trying to get a good picture for our Christmas cards, but having a VERY mobile and, at times, a very uncooperative 17-month old doesn't help. I've taken almost 200 pictures over the span of 2 "photo shoots" in front of our tree. Jonah either wants to turn his back to the camera and play with ornaments or he wants to run away and find something else to do.

Ray chases him down and places him in front of the tree. Then Jonah starts to whine/cry/throw a tantrum.
It's pretty amusing now that I'm writing about it, but when you're trying to snap a's annoying. After a few times of this, we handed Jonah his new "Choo, Choo" ornament from his Great-Grandma....BIG MISTAKE! He has become so obsessed with choo-choo trains lately that it was impossible to get him to look up. If we tried to take the train ornament away, he really got upset!
I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have to resort to a card with a crying picture and the caption "you better not pout, you better not cry..." You'll be happy to know that we finally got a few worthy of a mass mailing and you'll get it soon...well, maybe. Here's the one we chose:

Merry Christmas!

Sharing is caring!